visible mouse!

How do I make my mouse visible(and modify it’s look?)

Search it.

if i’d be able to find it i wouldn’t post it here :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, to show it you use Python:

import Rasterizer

yes and to use a picture as the cursor?

maybe if you were less short in your questioning people might feel less obliged to be so short in their answers

put some effort into your post, try some courtesy, we’re people with personalities not just answering machines at your disposal

this is just a tip, but people might feel more invested in your well being if they have a reason to feel some empathy for you

if i’d be able to find it i wouldn’t post it here :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmmm…i see…check next time;) for real

Hey! No need to be rude! Help the guy! And also, some of you did exactly the same when you started so…You get the point…
And now… Welcome and here’s a fishystick!

Alright, Alright. Flame threads start easier than they used to. If you use a picture, its not really the mouse cursor. Its a plane that has its movement controlled by X and Y movement of the mouse with python. I think one of 3dGurus python example files had that. Ill go look. Jeez, I wasnt trying to be rude. some people in this forum need a nap. And a cookie.
But all the same, thanks for the fishtick you wierdo.
Welcome to blender.

No worries mate your all good…, and I definitely need a cookie :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldnt find the thread, but i still had it on my hard drive.
(3dguru’s mouse example)>

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Yeah, and we don’t want him to have to repeat our same mistakes. We’re just trying to help him out in more ways than just one.

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WOW I seriously didnt see that coming, seriously. I didnt mean to start a fire. (;)notice the nice winking smily face;)) Sorry if you guys thought I was being rude.

i’m sorry but i was bored and wanted some answer quickly and wasn’t able to find it so :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t want to make a war in here
btw i’m not new to blender nor blenderartists just the BGE :stuck_out_tongue:
The cursor has a delay any way to get lost of this?