Vista + blender run slower?

Hi! its me again!
Well on to my question when i was making a video with frontcam i looked at the max frame rate i got and it was 55 frames per second but when i run blender with nothing in it(including front cam on)i only get 27 frames per second is it possible that blender runs exter slow on my laptop?And if thats the case is there anyway to make blender run fatser?

Please and thank you again for your time!

what hardware?

what do you mean like the 32 bit system or what?

processor, graphics chip set, amount of ram, that sort of thing.

ok sorry,intel pentium dual-core processer t2060
1gb ram,intel graphics media accelerator950
is that what your talking about if you need more info just tell me!

i also forgot it has 120gb hdd what ever that is

intel graphics media accelerator950
thats your problem. Integrated chipsets always preform badly compared to a dedicated graphics chipset because thay share system ram, which is much slower than what you find on a dedicated card. being a laptop theres not that much you can do about it.

for blender, Nvidia is usaly best (ATI’s OGL drivers suck)

you could try a Linux distro like ubuntu, but with an integrated card i doubt it would offer much of a speed boost.

man ok.would a good graphics card help fix that?

yes, except laptops are normally imposable to upgrade.

crap!anyways thx for your help if you ever hear of a way to fix that just pm.

I think it’s possible to send a newer laptop in to have it upgraded… you’ll have to chaeck manufacturer’s website.
There may also be external graphics cards… I can’t imagine that being good though.
Make sure you buy a graphics card that supports hardware overlay as that is the key to 3d performance according to industry professionals (…or so I hear).
You might also go through a VISTA optimization tutorial. There are a number of tweaks you can do and redundant processes that need to be turned off. I got a program in a 3d world (maybe it was ImagineFX) by a company called ASHAMPOO that automatically does many of these things for you… long after I had done them myself.

Other general tips… check your task manager and look at which processes are taking the most… if you’re not online, you may benefit from shutting down your anti-virus while modeling… if you’re running outlook you should certainly turn that off.

EDIT: FOR THE RECORD: Google “Tom’s Hardware Vista Tweak” and you should get all the help you need from that handy guide.