Vista VS Linux VS Mac OS X

Obviously Linux, in my opnion, is faster then Mac and Vista long shot, I may be wrong about the mac on some things because I’ve only used at mac at school :confused:

I want to know which OS is better for blender

In my opnion I say Linux is much better then Vista because it doesn’t have stupid crap like Vista does… Vista has soo much crap on it, that it slows down your computer’s fps greatly, but I don’t know about the mac…

What do you guys think?

Edit: Sorry if I acted like microsoft hater before I edited it.

Another pointless my OS is better than your OS rant rant rant. The basis for thousands of threads in forums across the internet.

Maybe you could think of something original.

What else do you expect from Linux fanboys?

Most of them are geeky teenagers with no friends, so they have nothing better to do.

This forum is turning just like Ubuntu Forums. Just a bunch of Microsoft hate.

Blender is the same on all of them.

I just wanted to hear your thoughts on which you liked better and why :confused: I’m sorry if I didn’t see any other of these threads, but it’s just my opnion, you should post yours and I may change my mind.

Oh, I have friends and a life… So it’s not fair to say that I’m a geeky teenage with no friends if you have no idea who I am. I could think the same for you, and we both have the same right to think that your wrong or your right. Just because I said I didn’t like microsoft doesn’t give you the opertunaty to insult some one because your mad. It’s my damn opnion, and my thoughts and I wanted to hear what you guys thought… I didn’t want people to rant, I wanted thoughts… Because my opnion isn’t going to change by insulting me.

You see, you are miss reading what I had said. Let me quote myself “Most of them…” does not imply everyone because you could be one of few that has friends.

Anyway, if you want opinions look around. There are many different threads in this forum regarding this subject.

The yafaray builds I had ran up to 30% faster on Mac OS X.

I never needed to clean up my mac because of viruses while I needed
to reinstall windows 3 times because of viruses and male ware apps.

Software on OS X is better tight together and designed than MS.

Linux is not bad but there is no central organe behind controlling product

I want a tool that works fine and I can trust without the need of extra
software to make it safe.

Nothing against Windows but being the mass product is not always to the best.

You’re the last person to be pointing fingers…


Ok, I’ll go do that :wink:

Hi, I actually find that blender is not identical on Windows and OS X - I know the app is the same while running, but I have had graphical issues with lights and the game engine in OS X that I am not sure how to deal with.
My main concern though is that the folder set up is quite different on OS X, and I still can’t work out how to change the icon set under OS X - can anyone please help me with this one??!
Also a clue as to why the game engine may behave differently would also help?

Thanks all

Er no it’s not

Myself and other users have found OpenGL performance to be twice as fast on Linux than on Vista. Not sure about XP

Windows: Larger userbase -> more professional developers, but also a lot more crapware. Vista can be good, but you have to “use it right” and also you shouldn’t buy it with a computer since computer manufacturers will usually install a lot of useless crap on it. I usually end up formatting my Windows computers once a year too in order to get them back to a clean usable state. Blender on Windows has a command prompt window which I’ve closed accidentally on more than one occasion, killing Blender.

Linux: Lots of really nice command line tools and server stuff, but the majority of desktop apps just seem incomplete. And audio on Linux is terrible. It’s also TOO customizable - I spend more time customizing things how I like them on Linux that in the end it comes out like crap and I’ve made some little mistake in some file that makes it so I can’t boot to the desktop anymore. Blender seems faster on Linux, but not if you can’t get good video drivers or you have some other problem.

Mac: Contrary to what every Mac user says, I find the OSX interface obnoxious. But at least it’s consistent (consistently obnoxious). Why can’t Photoshop on Mac all be in one window like it is on Windows? Using a Mac for photoshop “because Macs are better for graphics stuff” is almost pointless if you have any sort of wallpaper that isn’t gray. The dock, the way menus work, the keyboard shortcuts, etc all bother me. Apple+v instead of Ctrl+v for paste? Really? Maybe I always forget that Apple button and Ctrl are switched because it makes shortcuts feel unnatural to press, coming from a Windows/Linux background. I’ve never used Blender on a Mac I don’t think, so I can’t comment on that. I’ve heard about problems with the Mac version though.

tl;dr Every OS sucks in its own ways. Use whatever

Ok, then in that case, windows is good for rendering
Linux is good for the game engine
and Mac is good for you didn’t say 0.o

I find that for heavy computing operations Linux is faster simply because there is less overhead from the OS, especially if I run a minimal desktop environment/run everything from the command line with no GUI…

For Blender I have found that my render speeds are faster, and I can have a higher polygon count than I can in Windows…

For the record I have only tried Ubuntu linux (though modified with different desktop environments) and WinXP for blender.

A bigger boost than the OS is simply setting blender to have a high priority on your computer and turning off all of the background crap. Setting you computer monitor to a lower resolution should help a little too for real time performance

You have been dissing linux fanboys all over the place. However, let me join you :smiley:

Are windows fanboys any better???

I think you need to step back and take a look in the mirror before discussing fanboyism

My opinion: Linux and windows and Mac OSX suck, I use a potato.

well, at home i am using windows vista, which came with a laptop, and it never failed me, may be i am not using it right? xD. So, believe it or not I am happy with windows.

Having all three (but having studiously avoided Vista…), I’d say that it really does not matter much. What you’ll need is a very good graphics card and a very powerful CPU.

Now… I personally find that Apple builds that sort of top-end hardware into their stuff, and they provide a good bumper-to-bumper warranty. Since they do serve the graphics community, things like gamma-correction are paid attention to. So, as it happens, I do all of my design work on the OS/X machine, which also happens to be the most powerful machine in my little “shop.” (My wife and I are busying away on the XP box and the Linux box, respectively, while the Mac does some early-morning compositing. From time to time, all of them serve as part of an overnight render-farm, and you just can’t tell where any of the frames came from.)

I happen to recommend and to prefer the Mac. But in my profession I’m bouncing back-and-forth between everything.

Wanna use Windows? Nothing at all wrong with that much-lampooned system… Just two caveats: - Buy a “real” edition, not the “home” one, and re-install it on your box. - Learn about user-accounts and “limited users,” and also Microsoft Backup … which you probably have but no one talks about.

And for any box: - USB and/or FireWire external disk drives … huge ones … can be had at a department store for sometimes less than $100. Buy one. Use it.

They closed the “vista insn’t that bad” thread and not this… I guess the reason isn’t because of flame wars, but because that’s such a ridiculous claim.

hahaha. Ha. Haha.