Visual Vertex Locations

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So I’ve got a chain of individual curve objects all being modified by a big curve to wiggle them around. What I need is an object to properly track the top object, currently any form of parenting/constraint I use just follows the origin point of the tip object. I need it instead to follow the visual location of the object. I’ve tried vertex parenting/hooks (which I’m sure used to work) but it still just locks onto the origin point.

Here’s a gif of the set up, the cone needs to lock into the top object when it comes into contact and then track the wobbles as the chain straightens out;

I’m sure I must be missing something obvious, but the curve modifiers have shifted the chain far from the origin points so it’s proving troublesome.

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If I understood right, an object (B) should go wherever the vertices of another object (A) go (deformed through a curve modifier).
What should work:

In edit mode, assign the desired vertices of object (A) to a vertex group. Go back into object mode.
Move object (B) to where it’s supposed to be according to the vertices of (A).
Give (B) a Copy Location constraint, select (A) as the target and the according Group as the Vertex Group.

Now (B) should follow wherever the vertices of (A) go.

Hope that helps

Edit: Of course, if you also want to copy the rotations of the vertex group, add a Copy Transforms constraint.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you can’t assign vertex groups to curve objects otherwise that would’ve worked perfectly. Instead I’ve vertex parented a bit of the curve to a mesh, and then that mesh controls the motion of a bone that modifies the tip so it all moves in sync…it’s not pretty, but it works :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks anyway though :slight_smile: