Visualization of the surgical technique (Eevee)

Eevee visualization of the surgical technique developed by Dr. Antonio Cedin for correction of Unilateral Coanal Atresia.

Davinci Resolve: editing, masks, color, depth of field

Well, I didn’t have any idea of what sort of surgical technique that was, but without question you succeed in showing us, first, where the surgical site is located (and, I presume, “normal” on the right side, “pre-surgical” on the left), then systematically illustrate the technique itself in a way that a practitioner would understand.

I think that you have a good economy of sometimes showing a piece being removed by an instrument, then simply “flying” the remaining pieces out of the way. The pacing of the presentation is clear and unhurried.

And of course, the essential graphics – the modeling and texturing of the surgical field – is very well done. A very fine illustration of what Blender can do in the field of process illustration.

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