Visualizer Tools

Hi there,
I’ve just published my first Visualizer Tools collection: a little collection of some utilities I’ve made during my Blender experience.
You can find:

  • automatic camera creation (target, free, both from view)
  • material management: remove unused, find object without materials, remove unused textures…
  • material by element section, to manage list of materials, assign them randomly, select objects affected, … and so on (have a look here for more info)

I’m writing a WIKI, but I need some help because I’m also busy with some bugfixes and adding functions. So… if someone would like to collaborate this is the GIT repository:


Thanks, Pietro!

Material management will definitely be of great use for me and our projects in the office.

Can’t wait to try it out.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Seems great, thanks!

Quick update: added two more buttons (and a new “objects” area) that will change the selected objects’ display to “Bounds” or “Textured”.
I need it managing big scenes, like gardens and exteriors.

here’s a screenshot:


Hi Pietro909,

Desoled to say that but your add-on don’t run with Blender 2.66 now.