Visually a hole in spinning plane moves but opening stays in starting spot

I made a plane and made a hole with boolean difference of a cylinder.
When I bounce a sphere on the plane, the ball bounces and when it hits the hole, the sphere falls through.
All good at this point -
But when I add animation (spinning the plane) when the dropped sphere hits the hole, it bounces off and only falls through when the sphere eventually reaches the spot where the hole is at frame 1.
How do I make the hole move with the spinning plane?

Thanks for your help…

how are you animating it?

we are probably going to need to see a blend file.

make sure the topology is proper. the boolean modifier can leave some odd artifacts.

spin the object using the “Motion Actuator”. no shapekeys or animations needed.

physics type needs to be “Static” on the spinning object.

If the behavior of something is weird, try to use ‘Show physics visualization’ to see what’s going on. Also, the mesh may be animated (e.g. Shape keys), but the physics mesh is static, you may refresh the physics mesh every frame (I believe there’s a logic brick for this). Also, modifiers may not work well with BGE, apply your modifiers to be sure.