Vitamin b12

Pins and needles, blurry vision, tired, anxiety. The medicine I take causes these. But really what happened, was a B12 deficiency. I almost died from it. Besides those, depression, mental illnesses. B12 is one of those sneaky ones they said.

Now I need b12 shots, daily. forever. unless the cause can be found and fixed.

And do you know if the medicine you take could also be responsible for the B12 deficiency as well?

There are medications that can cause this deficit. But since the effects of these drugs are known, it would be rare for your doctor not to have prescribed B12 supplementation at the same time.

They do not prescribe supplements for the side effects. I found this article on the subject.

The drugs that cause this problem are still *new. And the drug lord companies are not going to spend money they don’t need, changing the medical books they have already written.
They have been forcing me to take those drugs for over 10 years with injections. I didn’t want to take the drugs because of the increasing anxiety. Now they have me on respirdal and respirdone. The injection is still in my system, and will still be there for the next 6-8months.

So here is what happened to me:
They started giving me zyprexa. Zyprexa costed $900.00 per month and the doctor was given money everytime they signed for the prescription. Zyprexa started causing panic attacks and anxiety. The doctor the puts me on surraquel, Because it cost $760.00 per month, and the doctor gets money. Panic attacks and anxiety keep happening. Now I am moved onto surraquel ER, this worked for a time. But then I stopped with the surraqueal. Started the surrasqle, stopped the surrqueal again. Relapse.

Every-time I visited the ER room trying to get some medicine for anxiety, not knowing what anxiety was, the Doctor would say. “He hasn’t taken he’s medicine, that’s why he doesn’t feel good.” So we are going to get some medicine in him and send him to the mental hospital." BAKER ACTED, none medication compliant.

The Doctor in the city said, I am giving you an injection this time. It’s a 30 months injection. Something *New again. This way you’ll not forget to take you medicine.

The injection costed something like 4,000 dollars. And yep, I am certain the doctors get paid everytime the pharmacy fills it.

COMMENT: I had forgotten to say, that anxiety herbs and prescribed medicine makes the anxiety worse temporary.

With every injection, the anxiety continued to feel worse. It got so bad one time, that I ended up in the ER room, this visit, the ER was different. Different staff. They gave me medicine for anxiety. and respirdal. My visit to see my main doctor she gave me aristada. Another 30 months injection. That cost about 4-7k dollars.

I was on aristada for long time, but ended up with a mental convulgence. And I almost died from b12 deficiency.

Now I am on the cheap but faithful respirdal and respirdone, + debokote.

I now have to fight to get vitamins.
I checked, respirdal didn’t cause vitamin problems. It has always been the one that worked best for me.
It has always been my favorite, but the doctors prefer new stuff, because of the price tag.

Well, good to know that you have found the medicine that works best for you and with which you feel most comfortable, and that vitamin deficiency has been detected. Hope you get better with B12 supplementation.

The best way to supply vitamin B12 and other B vitamins is to give up this vege nonsense and eat red meat. Pills, jabs etc. are less than perfect source of nutrients and may damage your health if you often take many of them.

Your advice is good for healthy people, and I agree that you have to be careful with vitamin supplementation in an unnatural way if you do not need it.
But keep in mind that there are certain diseases that can cause these vitamin deficiencies, and even treatments with certain drugs can cause them. So in these cases supplementation is necessary and is prescribed by the doctor. And supplementation in the form of injections when the cause of the deficiency may be due to digestive assimilation problems.


That is what my Doctor talked to me about. Sometimes the uptake of the vitamin fails. That is why I need shots. They don’t know if it has failed, it’s just wiser to give the shots for it in this situation. Next I need the primary doctor to find the problem. Yes it’s possible, I could need injections forever, daily. I just remembered, red meat causes cancer.

That is not true if you eat it naturally. Some artificial additives used in the manufacture of cured meats/sausages, and which also enhance the “red” color of the meat, can be carcinogenic. Even more so if you consume them frequently and cooked at very high temperatures.

Anyway this is going to go too offtopic. Just in case you are strictly vegan, due to your already existing B12 deficiency, you should consult a nutritionist doctor so that they can design a suitable vegan diet for you.

no I am not strictly vegan. Something that I keep failing to tell people about the argument of all meat diets. Is the diverticulitis. in North America the diverticulitis is on the left side of the colon. The diet is cow meat mostly, and pigs. In Japan, they eat mostly fish and seaweed, the diverticulitis is on the right side of the colon. An Africa, most of the poor people are eating vegetables. And vegetables they grow themself. Lower much much lower cases of diverticulitis.

It’s only theory. But it’s believe eating the fiber will help reduce the diverticulitis.

In my personal experiences eating lean meat is the only meat I can eat. NO FAT. I have have little bit of it. And no pig sausage. No beef jerkey. And no Big Mama’s. I get an infection which puts my life in danger.

What I want to say is, eating oatmeal takes care of the infection most of the time. As long as I don’t eat the infecting meat.