VitorinoJunior`s sketchbook

Hi all, welcome to my sketchbook!

I will start with my latest model, a male head I created aiming for realism. I think I got almost there, but there is a lot of room for improvement, mainly regarding the anatomy since I sculpted it very quickly and w/o reference, to be able to quickly move to the texturing and the modeling of the hair systems (my focus was to practice painting textures and adding hair). It is just a study piece, this is not part of any project, and since this is my first real attempt using the hair system I guess it is good enough, time to move on to the next models :slight_smile:

Critiques are more than welcome!

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Another personal project i`ve been working on recently. I am using blender for archviz regarding an apartment (a real one) I am designing. Since it is my own apartment I am not going to work on the renders anymore as the real apartment is almost ready.

Using Blender was fundamental in the design process since the final result (the real apartment) is looking almost identical to my renders (I will try to post some photos of it when I can). It was also a chance for me to learn and become comfortable with Eevee.

The “final” render, using Eevee:

The same “final” render, but in Cycles, for comparison:


This one is a little older, it is a very simple hard-surface attempt that made me really happy as the result is very photo-realistic (I have the real pen and the mechanical pencil on my desk so I am judging by looking at the real thing). Render in cycles, can`t remember how many samples, used a few metal shaders, some anisotropy and some alpha masks for the decals.

And the reference of the real thing, it is a very nice mechanical pencil.

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