Vive por quienes no pueden - the power of blender!

This was supposed to be the most realistic scene I could make and this is the final outcome.

I also uploaded this at flickr, to see if I could fool some viewers into thinking it was a real photo, since I already know its fake, I feel its FAKE no matter what I do, also I modeled myself to be even more convincing.

(It has a little Color Error on the sun area, thats already corrected)

some other snaps:

which renderer you used for this scene?
I believe it could be very realistic with yafaray or luxrender
but the modeling is very good

The modeling of the character and the bike are really good, but if the intention was to be as realistic as possible, why did you put them in such a basic scene?

This, more than anything else, is what destroys any sense of realism.

That, and the impossible sun (if the sun appeared so big on our sky, most probably we would be not living on this planet).

I think the work you’ve done here is good, but would never be mistaken for realism. the abstract background and lack of landscape is a big cue, but there’s lots of other tiny things. I like the composition, posing, and modeling quite a bit. One thing you have done, in my opinion, is avoid the uncanny valley effect so common when people strive for realism.

Don’t think that missing the realism mark makes it a bad piece – after all, I doubt anyone would mistake a Rembrandt painting as a photograph.

hey thanks for taking the time to reply!

first, of course the sun is not that big, its just the way the sky looks when a wide aperture is used on a camera. this was rendered in Maxwell so the sky its the way its supposed to be : p

also, it seems like a basic scene, in fact it is, but its not just because im lazy, i’ve noticed that sometimes adding a lot of stuff takes way more time to set up correctly, than the improvement in the photo itself, also I find myself very demotivated when that happens and sometimes I flake without finishing the project at all…

The scene its a copy of this real one, I didnt just made it up ; p

and thanks again! : D

"Don’t think that missing the realism mark makes it a bad piece – after all, I doubt anyone would mistake a Rembrandt painting as a photograph. "

hey! thats hell of a GOOD argument! : D

the left arm looks too smooth.

other than (if you were not working on realism) this render could pass for Blizzard Cinematics (starcraft) or the latest Final Fantasy Cinematic .

In the picture you copied the background from where is the horizon? Now look at yours and point to the horizon…

It’s usually a good idea to have the horizon be where the land meets the sky (or have the horizon hidden below closer objects.)

The only way the horizon can be in the sky is when you’re on top of a very very tall structure. To not see a ground plane at all like in your picture then we can only be on an un-feasible building!

It may not be photorealistic but it looks pretty darn good. Nice job.

People go in art and say “We want a photo realism!” an the painter says “Go buy a DSLR an make a photo of reality!”

Oly kids argue about realism , real artists like the different art of doing art!

I rahter change the position in the way the photo with that band is cause the one you have now it is akwar for some. Why ? The point of the interest goes to the back to the sun not on your character. That makes the viewer a little dazled.

Not the horizon is the problem here , it is the point of interest. You can imagine a platform with 45` angle and get a fake horizon on top of real horizon.

The point of interest must be on the character rather on the sun so that feel of “fake horizon” don`t make the eye crunch.

*ivane try to gamma correct it to match a little your reference picture , like doing a litte to red filter , contrast in compositor. (sun reflection on camera lens ?)