Vizrt shutting down Lightwave( rumours)

For reference, this is post nr 2, Infograph trying to define me with a certain value of defense towards something very exaggerated, and for you to read this properly…you would have to follow any other discussion I have had with this person earlier in other threads, and it will be clear what he referes to, and thus logicly I explained that the “Notion” is ludicrous, not that he would be.

And achingly modest too…oh wait…

Mockingbird still singing his tune… suppose it´s in the bonemarrow deep within which I already have mentioned…and off to kindergarten we go again…

Guess I would have to copy and paste every kudos I got on the newtek forums and send a mail to you…if you can´t see the difference between honest and modest.

This is turning out to be a very fruitful discussion towards users that want to engage in blender community with all it´s nice and respectful users.

I´m not gonna jump in to anyones started post or thread with the intent to be rude, if someone however is playing the mocking tune, or silly talk, it´s a good chance I start talk that language back, since that is the language apparently…so if anyone sees that as rude…just swallow it and read the first pages of the book properly.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Reading up, hold on.

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Alright time to conclude.

I’ve deleted comments that serve no purpose other than to mock, needless i must say.

@anon71893420 It seems like you have a very strong dislike towards Lightwave, which is completely fine. But it also seems like you’ve got a strong dislike towards Lightwave users, this is not okay.
Can you just let other users use what they like without harassing them? How dead or alive a program is, is frankly irrelevant. A program is just a tool for an artist to do their job, what tool they use is up to them.

And just in general guys, drop the jabs, it just turns into unnecessary fights…

This is not only the case with Lightwave, but most minorities. The UPBGE community also gets a lot of hate in general, for most of the same reasons.
This is also something we’re actively trying to combat, so if you see this type picking, then please flag it, or tag us with @moderators so we can get involved before the thread escalates. Had i been made aware of this thread sooner then i’d gotten involved nearly at the start of the thread.


Another small insert, unless someone is trying to convince a user to start using Lightwave, i see absolutely no reason to be aggressive towards them. If you cant stomach users who use something you dislike, then i propose you leave.


I know this is greatly off topic… but just one day before the Topic Opener has started this , I was searching for other 3d modelling software out there… and came across Lightwave (for the first time) on Google search… and I found Lightwave to be rather interesting… but expensive though…

I would love to learn another modelling software if the interface and the price speaks to me :sunglasses:

one other thing… I definitely saw it coming that things go a bit roller coaster as soon as I read Lightwave the next day.
I am just waiting for the moment someone starts a topic about “Autodesk donations, please!”… this would be a topic worth subscribing to, haha

I think it is best you sign up on the Newtek/ Lightwave forums, and folks could advice you there about the modeling part and what´s working and what´s not, and also use the trials, which is a fully functional 30 day trial and then still working with limits in discovery mode, saving and amount of polys etc.
So most, but not all modeling functions could be tried out for a long time to see how it works.

No need to go in to further discussions around Lightwave here really, or what it could do for you that blender cant or vice versa, just advicing that is the best I think.

There is a blender section there as well, but mostly for if you use them to complement eachother.

Blender has a great opportunity to grow even more and I look forward to use it more, while doing other tasks needed in other software.
And Blender is the most cost efficient tool, unless a task absolutely needs a certain workflow to fit in to something that needs to be done which Blender can´t handle.

I don’t have any hate or dislike of Lightwave in fact I have nothing but fond memories of it. I was one of the very first legal owners of Lightwave in the UK and without it I wouldn’t be in this business, so you see you have absolutely zero knowledge of how I actually feel about Lightwave.

Giving my opinion that Lightwave was dead over a decade ago is just an opinion and doesn’t stop others finding value in it. I couldn’t give a flying wang what anyone thinks of the software I use in business because I understand everyone has a right to an opinion that may differ from mine. Do you understand that point? Me having an opinion doesn’t stop Lightwave working and people using it. It’s an opinion. My opinion is based on having the temerity to have used it to start my own studio and seeing Newtek make disastrous decision one after another to the point it was no longer a sound application to run a business on. I was not the only one who came to that conclusion.

Please show me where I was aggressive in any of the above posts so I know what I did wrong and avoid using this language in the future. In fact if you re-read the thread you will find that replies to my posts from MI65 were filled with aggression. He got personal long before I did. Perhaps you missed that in your haste to ‘do the right thing’?

Please re-read the thread.

You responded to the thread generally, in a very strange way in your very first sentence, and it also connects to how you previously (in other threads) have responded and seen me as the Ultimate defender of (Lightwave)
It simply was unnecessary, you were putting out an image of me for the aim to be generally considered as mentioned above, which I claim is false, not fair and ludicrous.

The following flame up didn´t make it better, perhaps neither from me or you due to our previous encounters.

I have nothing bad to say about you and how or which trust you put in to blender or it´s development, and I haven´t.

That you sort of used me as “the Statue” of something that somehow would be really disconcerning for the those using the app, that simply isn´t respectful towards me or the others.

You are probably not aware of that some people in newtek forums blamed me for having a too negative views around Lightwave and what it is lacking over there, to give you some perspective on the projection of me as being the biggest defender, I neither praise it as a god, or as the devil, and those who have accused me of that, also have had the decency to apologize because they themself been frustrated over some things.
Was your initial sentence agressive? not specificly …was it´s intent provocative and disrespectful, in my opinion…yes.

You adressed me publickly the way you did …with personal attributes applied as you refered to me and what that should be as telling, I never started any debate with you what so ever.

So as you say…go back, read it again the very first posts and lines.

maybe the moderator has been clear, and maybe Ivé been clear, or not…but isn´t it time to at least try and stop provoking eachother now? if there should be a meaningful discussion around blender for instance, let´s focus on that ok?
That is what I can offer you right now, trying to stay away from the confrontation, let it settle down.

We all (including me) have to be careful of how we adress or project things on to people, sometimes we may be wrong, but extremely foolish if we hold on to things we know is wrong, if it´s just a matter of defending the selfish ego or something.

As for the thread, in hindsight I should probably not have dragged it up.
As for over there if they could shed light on it, nope…not directly, any answer is mostly ambigous, with some hints on that Lightwave will play a certain role, but also still open for speculations…and some other comments on why they choose to conduct that way of communication that isn´t very transparent.

Some people accept it and will wait for the next releases, some people get increased distrust (among them myself) they are entitled to do so as I am entitled to have distrust, it´s their choice wether they believe it´s the better way of communication, hindsight will tell later on.

There are many far far more hardcore defenders of Lightwave…and even Newtek/vizrt than myself.
So M65 starting a rumour thread, just proves my point that I am not that saviour of Lightwave or defender by intention, and never has been for the sake of it, only in parts where it makes sense for me to use it, or if treated well over there, and thus it is very strange that someone points me out as the “statue” of Lightwave defenders with that in mind when I started the thread, it is however more disconcerning that anyone would then think such thing, but understandable given someone has a grudge towards me previously.

I could be wrong, I could be right, it´s not a big deal right now…since I already decided to change focus before the staff change that lead up to these speculations.

Alright you two stop interacting with each other, any further arguing between you two and im locking the thread again.

Last 4 messages got removed, as it once again contributed to escalating the situation.


I´ll do my best, and a fair judgement, it was escalating once again.

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Could say the same about the 10 years I promoted to use blender alongside lw in the newtek forums. Despite never put one program ahead of the others in general usage. (Only on certain features)
To a certain degree its expected to happen. I get it, but to say newteks forum is less childish than this forum is a far stretch…people might be more direct, but this is a good thing on the long term, believe me.

I could go on, but I prefer not to, imho theres nothing good comming out of this

Absolutely, I agree…and no point to go on discussing the climate in here, we already said enough of that off topic.

As for the original topic, still a veil, and that is how they choose to conduct it, and perhaps think it is the best way for them, Sbowie the moderator tried to convey his thoughts of what I felt is a no good ambigouity around the communication to clear things up wether there is a development or not.

I respect his view on it,…though I do not agree in terms that it isn´t good enough for me, nor do I believe it to be good for keeping or attracting new customers, but it´s their choice and their loss if it happens to be as I believe, Time will tell eventually…They seem to believe the non transparency and no development talk is what most companies use, and they tried it before without success or something like that…so that´s their business model and beliefs, which is not attracting me as a customer.

We haven´t got clarification around wether or not development even is in progress, or if it will continue…or if that is even in the intention…and that´s the important part, the Intention…but they can not be clear on that either.

What can read from it is the structural change of staff, and a little clarification that they somehow will use that to better share resources between all their productline.

For those willing to wait, they have to wait til the next major release that´s not solely a bug fix update.

I just got a request from a guy …where he wanted to hire me for some vfx for his music video, just when I am about to reduce the Lightwave use drasticly, so depending how that comes out, I may need to revisit some of those effects in Lightwave, blender could also be an option but I have to challenge my knowledge on that particular area …and question myself if I can get it going there too.

With all the rumour hype, you might think Newtek and Vizrt would take a second look at how they convey the status to their customers, if you really have your product decently on a path, I think they would easy override any (no developement discussin) and simply state…“yes we are working hard on”
In fact, they have done that not long ago, the fact they do not do it now…to me means that they are lost in their ways, either knowing they will do something that will not keep lightwave alive for a long time, or they simply do not know which direction to go, but the last option…yes it is well under development right now…that is not an option as I see it.

O well…speculations, speculations.

Well I can tell state categorically it is being canned, I know people that have lost their jobs already.

Sorry for the late reply…had to sort out some stuff.

If they release a version wich fixes a 50% of the bugs and add 6 new features…will it restore your faith in lw ?

How does it worked out ?

Sad to hear…nobody should loose their job because of their software choice.

Depends on what features would be there, but it wouldn´t restore faith, it takes a bit more than that …such as hiring a good development team and being able to see that, and what else work there is.
I can´t judge only on those things you mentioned.

Nope…he got my contact info, but I didn´t hear anything from him, perhaps I could have sold myself in a bit more to him, but I guess other things got in the way.