VL10 Interior of the Soviet electric locomotive

A little specific gamedev.

This is the interior of the Soviet locomotive VL10.

It took about 150 hours to work.
Everything is modeled in blender, highpoly-lowpoly.

Textures are fully painted in Substance Painter.

This is a game model for some train simulator game. 98k tris.


Here some 360 panoramas, and render pictures.
https://kuula.co/post/7vrJt 360 pano driver seat view
https://kuula.co/post/7vrJr 360 pano center view
https://kuula.co/post/7vrJV 360 helper seat left view


Some details:


Epic. Feels very lifelike

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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That is some super work right there. Massive respect.

i like trains, good work

Really great work. Love everything about it, lights, textures, modelling! Really great.

This looks like a crazy amount of work. Crazy good work :slight_smile:

Amazing surfaces there, no doubt about it top quality work :+1:

Thanks a lot for all.
This is really big work for several weeks

Wow, epic work, with so much fine details, congrats!

Amazing work, stunning!

Looks like that 150 hours has paid off, this is fantastic!

How many textures are used?

I suppose you can’t tell the game name at this moment?

I can, because this is public and not NDA, and this is my hobby, and also paid content for Trainz Railroad Simulator 19.
Based on this model, our programmer makes a complete simulation of the electric and pneumatic circuit of the VL10 electric locomotive. Something like a real simulator in the game, far from the rest of the add-ons for this game. This add-on is designed for hardcore users.

We already did this for the previous part of this game. But the game engine did not allow the use of PBR before.
In the future, we are planned use it on another game, based on UE4

Currently there are 10 texture sets for the game.
Few 1k, and another is 2k

Initially, there are 20 4к sets, since many details were made for use in future models, so they exist in a separate scene. They were repackaged for game textures.

P.S. your addon is very useful :wink:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:


Wow ! really nice work for low poly, even the color scheme is superb