vNES, over 300 NES games in your browser.

It’s free of course. No emulator or rom download needed, but it does require Java.

Just the sheer convenience of being able to play NES games in a browser is worthy of note. (not to mention that there are so many games to choose from).

One of the most versatile time killers yet IMO.

you may not need to download any ROMs or emulators, but it still is illegal

I reported this website to Nintendo’s Piracy Report people, I’ll see what they say about this.

serious copyright infingement

nintendo seriously ruleD… back in the day… don’t screw 'em up.

Wow, you guys are really zealous.

With that said, I really don’t see how having NES games available online hurts nintendo now.

I mean these are “NES” games, as in before SNES, no one is getting hurt here (except for some nintendo crusade crybabies perhaps :rolleyes:). Either way, all of theese games were free for quite some time now, this is just congregating the already available games in an even more convenient format.

Just embrace the freedom already.

Lots of old NES games have been ported to the Gameboy Color & advance, so people might say “Hey, I can just play these games here instead of buying them”

Get my point?

You mean the point that Nintendo is trying to resell the same decade old games for each and every handheld console they come up with?

Heh, somehow that doesn’t seem any more noble to me.

I think you missed the bigger picture here. I already have pretty much every NES, SNES & N64 rom of every game that ever came out for those particular systems (with emulators to match of course), as do the majority of Nintendo fans out there.

So in that respect, this doesn’t change anything. The only difference here is that now I can additionally play NES games in a browser, instead of an emulator.

it is not illegal to own a backup copy of a NES game you own, but i dont know how legal it is if you arent playing your own copy. i would guess that it isnt illegal if you play a copy of a game that you own.

it may not hurt nintendo at all, but it best to respect their rights.

how do I play these… I can’t even find the start button… nor can I configure my controls.


Click on the applet for the controls to work.

Controls are: Start = Enter, a = a, b = z, select = backspace.

i think that nintendo, along with any other company that is afraid of having their content pirated, should make deals with all internet providers. that way, when you use the internet, if you happen to download copywritten content from a website not en leu with the creator of the content, a portion of your internet will go to that company (not suggesting that isp’s start monitoring your every move, just saying that all companies included would get an equal fraction of the profits produced by consumers’ monthly bills). this would definately result in an increase in internet costs, but i’m sure no one would mind if that means it’s impossible for the nasty companies to sue you.

oh yeah, that makes sense, have people monitor all of your downloads and check every time you happen to play a flash game or use a java applet to see if you are using content that infringes upon various gaming companies copyrights. and if you do then they will raise your monthly bill permenantly and fork over the cash to the holder of the copyrighted material that you saw (accidentally or otherwise).

next thing we know record companies are making the same deal and anybody else that just happens to hold a copyright. so by the time you know it your monthly bill has skyrocketed and the internet has become a sullen and dull place devoid of any copyrighted material.

This really is pretty addicting, but I agree it is illegal. Nintendo created these games, but now this person is displaying them on a website for free? This is stealing from Nintendo.


Spoken like a true choirboy.

ok, i said that they wouldn’t monitor your every move, but that a fraction of your bill would go to the partner companies, regardless of what you’re downloading. btw, sites already monitor your every move, using cookies and “spyware”, a term that is no longer used by the companies that create the software, so as to prevent a lawsuit. whatever, i think reproducing old games that aren’t sold anymore or generate profit is fine and dandy.

I died on the first little bad guy in Super Mario Bros. LOL That NEVER happened to me before. I blame it on a slight lag but mostly on the fact that I’m used to doing the directions with my left hand and the buttons with my right so A/Z messed me up.

I’m sure Nintendo can keep selling its original games for every subsequent console regardless of whether they are available elsewere. Surely they really don’t care, and it would be good PR for them to say “hey, here’s all the ROMS” Who knows, that might even inspire someone to play an old favorite and then want to get it for his console, since many prefer the console/TV thing for games. Maybe the next CEO of Nintendo will finally get it.

EDIT: I just died on the first little bad guy on Super C. That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. :frowning:

If you didn’t pay for them originally and you can no longer get them now, tough luck. I bet nintendo would of been alot better off if all the selfish assholes would dig into their pockets and bought these games originally, prices would have droped too and technology probabily would have been more advanced, having more money focused on one system rather than the market being split between several systems.

You dont deserve to play these game due to the fact that you didn’t support nintendo by originally purchasing them. If you weren’t born then /able to buy them then thats the harsh reality of life, and most people who want these games are those who actually originaly owned these games, making it a classic and a memorial thing. Those who never played it in their life are the piracy “scum” that dont actually care about anything other than being able to play some fun games for free, and will use any sad excuse such as the company no longer produces /can profit for it as an excuse to rip people off at the expense of others rather than themselfs.

The fact that many people still play and want to play these games is proof of demand, a demand ninteno are now making avaiable by allowing old gamesto be played on wii, of course it would have been better if they were made for the PC to but thats life unfortunatly.

I certainly wouldnt want people free loading my games simply becaue they think it ok. The majortity of those people using emulators never have or will own a proper game themselfs. Their only thinking about “free”, even if that means stealing. They’d probabily shoplift too if it was as easy as downloading on the internet, using an excuses such as “its about to expire in 1 day, no ones really going to buy it” and what not. “it’s been siting on that shelf for a whole month, no ones gonna buy it” w/e,

Stop trying to justify your actions. Its piracy if you dont own the game… Nintendo would have been better off if more people bought it, but instead they had to do with what they had. It might not affect them now, cause it’s already affected them in the past by having a smaller profit to work from, they still derserve their money, and you still should have to pay for it like everyone else had to back when it was first out. I dont see why I should be paying for games which kept nintendo going and you shitty lil freeloader decide you can help yourselfs :wink:

well i guess that my opinion on it :slight_smile:

Lukus, I completely, 100% agree with you. You perfectly described this situation.

Now, everyone should e-mail [email protected] and tell him to shut down his site, and e-mail [email protected] and tell them about the site.

wow, that sounded very bitchy. and that’s why there are big-ass companies like microsoft stealing all our money and giving us sub-par products. the reason Nintendo isn’t god by now is because they didn’t have enough good games out recently to warrent that people buy just their system. we’re talking about old NES games here, and if you look at it this way, back when it was new, it was a god. It was the system. all the games were interesting. i only had a nintendo until I was five or six, i can’t remember, but i did have some fun games. the games i download are the ones that i never played as a child, and the ones that aren’t sold anymore, so in a way, i’m playing them because they’re awesome and rare, not because i’m some cheap bastard. if i could buy a nintendo, and all the games that i have roms of, then i would. unfortunately, some of them are games that never made it to america, so i can’t just go to blockbuster and rent a copy. and in case you’re interested, i do like playing games on a console over playing as a rom. that’s why i bought final fantasy chronicles, because it’s more fun to play FFII on a playstation than through a NES emulator. the only reason anyone uses emulators is because the games that are being downloaded are rare and unsupported. the fact that nintendo is rereleasing old games is a testament to their old-school popularity, not their new-school godliness. and in case you skipped out on a high school econ class, additional corporations offering similar products is called competition, and results because a market is good. if nintendo was even more popular back when it came about, its utter stranglehold on the gaming market would have been considered a monopoly, and no doubt would have caused the gaming market to crash and burn (again). Variety in products is a good thing, it provides choices. sony and microsoft didn’t get into the business because nintendo sucked, they got in because nintendo rocked, and they wanted a piece of the action. oh, and by the way, the only reason video games exist is for fun, so if downloading games so that you can play them and have fun is “wrong”, then the video game industry is doomed, and we should all bail out now.