Vodyanoy...V-ray and MentalRay

Hi, guys!
This character is like Lord of the Seas.)))
Modeling, a little sculpting, UV - Blender 2.48. Normal map and Displace - ZBrush.

Render - Blender / Vray exporter 2.49.6

Render - Maya / Mental Ray

Character is a little bit disturbing, but I like the artistry

Ahaha, i love it, amazing and funny !!! 5 stars for me !!


Haha, very well done, i like the second one the best though.

The paddle in the first image doesn’t enter the water properly, it looks cut off. Also the hair line is too clean.

thats very amusing, the rediculous staged nature of it works really well. the second one is nicer because the painting is better, though i might have added a gradiented backgound instead. there is a bit of wierd mesh stretch on his left elbow though. he does look like a very good wax real-life sculpture, was that intentional?

This is fun work, I agree that the staged feeling works well. Its hard to decide which is the “better” render, its great you posted both for comparing, thanks :slight_smile:

That is hilarious, 5 stars

Thanks guys.
I am glad that you liked the picture and causing emotions.
Deal with Vray in Blender and at the same time decided to do more in MentalRay.
I still try to Modo, but not before it.
Their mistakes, too, noticed. Hurry.)

Oh cool… I happen to be reading a book right now with a species in it called “vodyanoi” (Perdido street station by china mieville). I had no idea they were based on a mythical being… coolness! And nice work :wink:

Thanks, macouno.)
Vodyanoy (Водяной) - in Slavic mythology spirit living in the water, the owner of water. The Water represented in the form of a naked old man, bug-eyed, with a fish tail.

fantastic work :slight_smile: I had a look on your site…very talented both you & your bro.