[Voice Acting] Have my voice in your project!

The samples of my voice attached to this post in a zip include

  1. shouting and Japanese phrases
  2. a poem in English
  3. a short story told in Czech.

Do enjoy. If you like what you hear and would like to make use of it in your project, do let me know and we’ll see how it goes.:cool:

Voice_samples.zip (1.11 MB)

edit: Forgot to attach the archive, classic.

Right! Forgot to attach the zip file, classic. Here we are.


Voice_samples.zip (1.11 MB)

Ummm… I see no attachment.

Right you are, edited.

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Hi, I would like a human sounding voice over as I use text to speech and it sounds very robotic.

Can you read this with emotions and record it for free ?

Delta two seven, this is command. Welcome to Arizona. We have a new update about the 2 missing journalists. Local officials informed us that they are being held hostage on a cartel operating near the Havasupai Indian reservation. Your mission is to infiltrate the compound and rescue the hostages. Once the hostages are secured, move to the designated exfil. Your Tac Map is updated Over.

Reaper 1 and 2 UAVS are inbound if you need air support. Over and out.

Sounds good, will an English accent work for you?