Volkswagen Golf 7

This a model made entirely in Blender and rendred with Cycles. The Volkswagen Golf 7 is a car that i really like, so i made it !
Comments and critics are welcome !

The render looks a bit cartoonish IMHO, and the unnatural black windshield kind of throws me off a bit.
Also, some details appear to be missing on the bumper and hood (images from my stalled WIP):

And as you can see the logo is rounded, not completely flat (although maybe there are variants with flat one too).
And also… Where are the windshield wipers? :slight_smile:

Hi stan ! I really appreciate your comments !
Lay be i forgot to mention that it is for me the first time i’m modeling a car, but you are right for the details and the windshield, may be i’il do a new render correctiong all of these !

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I think it have lot of light but that´s matter of taste, I like the floor and the car, I would like to have one.

For the first time it’s very good! After what Stan sayed, I think the alloys are too big (it’s like what? 20"?) ant the Golf 7 doesn’t have so high suspension. Waiting for more progress in it :slight_smile: Good luck

Thank you guys for the critics and comments i really appreciate !!

I think the alloys are too big (it’s like what? 20"?)

Yes it is :wink:

If you got enough time ( School work beside XD ) i’il do some work on it again.

Thank your for all guys !