Volkswagen Kombi dirt version



nice work !!!


This is really nice! Great atmosphere too! How did you manage the dirt? That’s what I like to to try next with my car model. I’m fairly new to Blender.

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Thank you!! In this case the textures was painted with substance painter

I love the lighting and texturing, however your modelling is a little off, especially with the front windows - in real life they continue the line of the front panel to rake backwards, and the divider bar ends up offset behind the peak of the roof:

Apart from on early (Pre-1955) buses where there is no peak on the roof

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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hehehe man, you are not affected by mandela effect , I zoomed in on the logo to see if W was joined or split ^ ______ ^
I remember a dimension where the brand was called Wolksvagen and the W was united … but maybe like some other million people my memory is distorted :joy:

anyway nice work!


Here you can view the logo


Nice textures and lighting, but the front end is wrong, window rake angle is very wrong, sorry but this totally spoils it for me. Also there are no tracks in the sand from when it was driven to its current location, this you need to look at! Also, I don’t see any reflection of any of the glass anywhere, please also look at this.

Welcome to BA by the way, I hope you enjoy life here, but we can be a bit critical, which is why it’s so good to show your work here as you can learn so much from others here.

Cheers, Clock.

Excellent as always!

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I can be fairly forgiving of this image as it is, but I do notice that the shadow which is being cast by the bus is very hard. In real life, there would be all sorts of light bouncing in from other angles, and since a lot of that would be [blue] sky light, the shadows would have a slightly bluish cast. This would make it much easier to see details like the chair. (And wouldn’t the radio be sitting on some kind of folding table?)

Maybe I’m just revealing my age here but – "now, make it groovy!" :smiley: Cool dude or dudette is parked on the beach in a groovy bus on a gorgeous summer afternoon, surfboard in hand, nice and shady. Dress the set with more groovy things to fit the occasion.

Hello @sundialsvc4 thank you for comment.
I used an 8k half day beach HDRI for to illuminate the scene, nothing more. The shadows are what that hdri provokes.

Sweet render, a bit with perspective perhaps. Love the mood and toning :slight_smile:

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This is really good, your textures are perfectly suited. If I can suggest a few enhancements. The shadow of the chair onto the van should more diffuse (?) as the paintwork on the van is weather worn, so it should not have much gloss at all. The sunlight shadow of the van is too sharp . Perhaps the focal range of the grass and shadow doesn’t match the perceived focal range of the rest of the image… but hey, this is awesome work

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