Voller Bauch - spaceship (so original..) - update#4 24.11.05

Hey guys

been too long I made something for myself, so here it is. I started late yesterday, and mostly worked on it today (about 3hours in total including sometime to think of a design lol…)


Voller Bauch is a fast translation (english–>german) of “Full belly”…the spaceship is an attack carrier. The name kind of suck imo…so if you have any interesting ideas, I’d like to hear them!

There might not be alot to comment on atm, but I’ll keep adding details in the next days. This is kind of a long term project because it will be HUGE in the end and I’m really busy with other work right now. So sometimes there might be some days between updates!

c&c please! :wink:

That’s great stuff for 3 hours. Can’t wait to see what you come up with on your next update, nothing jumps out that needs crit’ing on atm. Are you basing this on anything in particular or is this an original design? Looks like something you would launch mechs/mobile suits from. :slight_smile:

Great job mate, im glad you overcame your modellers block!


the turrets look very unbalanced, a lot of weight out the front, perhaps move the pivot point closer to the end of the barrel?

scale is also very tricky to understand atm, but i dont doubt that will sort itself out as it progresses.

Hey!! Thats really cool. I’m workin on a fighter craft right now… Kind of realizing someting I’ve been thinking about for a while now. could we work a collaboration? I provide the small craft you work the big stuff?

If you want I can post the progress of the fighter…

hey guys, tx for the comments,

I worked a bit more on it. Added more details to the runway section. Modified the turret as Traitor suggested. I think they do look better now.

I’ll most likely have another update later tonight


sorry for the big size :wink:

I’ll be starting on the front hull section tonight, and also might add a crane system all along the runway. For cargo shipping etc… so bigger ship can drop things there so they don’t have to dock or even to more debris from the run way so friendly ship can land/take off from it.

How do you make your pipes? Its something thats been bugging me about my model… The lack of good pipes.

Lookin fabulous so far!


zog34: actually it’s only some extruded circle. All made by hand. Go in side view, extrude, go in trop view rotate & extrude, go back in front view etc… untill you extruded your whole pipe. You can split your screen in multiple views. It’s easier and faster when you have your 3 view at the same time.

small update…but nothing much really…I wasn’t really productive tonight. Added some engines (one I had from an older model)…but they are way too big because those are suppose to be secondary engines for manoeuvring (sp?) purpose.


But you get the idea nonetheless.

Wow, only worked in three days and already this mush detail. Great. But you should detail the sides too.

You could easily do your pipes with curves instead (that’s the way they do it at project orange :wink: )

Other than that I’ve got nothing to crit. This is already looking awesome, I cant even imagine how wondeerfull it will be when it’s textured.

Blend on! :smiley:

vidar_nelson: well I’m no member of the orange project…they got their way…I got mine…it might not be the fastest…but for me it is since I,m used to it.

update time, long delay…I need more free time :expressionless:


And other render:


c&c! next step is redoing the secondary engines. Finished the plating of the area I’m working on, then start adding details to the main front hull.

Dude, I always enjoy looking at your work.

However, I do have to say that they are getting a bit repetitive though. Similar themes and designs are, IMO, not pushing you forward in your work. Try some more flowing meshes/organic looking meshes.

Again, not knocking this down, just would like to see something a bit “different” from your norm is all.


I have one question though, if it’s a spaceship holding space ships…why does it need a landing run? :slight_smile: (and such a long one?)

Well I guess you are right…but then again when I look at my set of finished model from the last few months:
-a couple head modelling test (didn’t really show them…)
-the air chariot (a contract…all modelled in subsurf…really different from what I usually do)
-My friend’s guitar, which is also all subsurfed and have some nice organic shape
-Another broken path which was a small scenery
-Mobas city…that wasn’t really for me…

So yea, last spaceship I worked on was like in May and I never finished it…and since it’s been a while I did something for me…I wanted to make one, and also it was a practice at detailling…because I might be working on a big sci-fi project next year (still not sure…anyway!). But yea, you’re totally right, I should kick my ass and do a character…

It’s more an esthetic and style idea. But actually, I was never really keen on the small hangar bay of the commun spaceship. I mean, a fighter going like 6-7time the speed of sound that weight a couple of ton would need quite a long area to decelerate (sp?) because its inertia would be quite big. The runway might be long, but hell let’s use the whole top surface area :P. I’m no genius in physics, but that was just my initial thought to make a different kind of spaceship (even if it does have a similar style to some spaceship I did…damn blockyness…)


Amazing stuff!

i have one word for you…


Somebody was asking about hoses…

Well, I’ve come up with a really fast way to model them. I don’t know if it’s what the Orange team uses (I also am not on that), but I’d guess it’s pretty close.

All you have to do is create a Bezier curve, pull the handles and knots around till you like the shape, and then reference a Bezier circle as the curve’s “BevOb.” The hose will even update as you tweak the curve.

The only drawback is that the hose can look blocky if you have a really tight turn in your curve.

I just thought you might like to know that, since I too tried extruding and rotating…and when it took several minutes to get a really shoddy 90 degree turn–that was all–I said, “OK, let’s do something different.”



P.S. I think the ship looks cool. When am I ever going to get texturing??!!

i’ve always done my pipe type objects with subsurfed curves, i find i have more control like that, and i like to be able to change edgeloops and things easily. corners are no probs for me, just takes practise to know where the loops should go.

if you dont finish this one im coming to your house to kill you and steal your laptop.