Volume Preserving Smoothing ($)


(JoseConseco) #1

Hi, I made new addon for smoothing meshes while trying to maintain object shape.


  • smooth mesh while maintaining main object shape
  • border mesh vertices will slide together with rest of the mesh, to get nice even distribution, or they can be frozen
  • mirror modifier aware = center vertices wont move away from symmetry line
  • ability to define sliding rail edges (marked as sharp)
  • three edge tension methods (Uniform, Proportional to edge length, Inverse to edge length)
  • optimized with NUMPY
    There are 3 algorithms - some are better in specific cases - eg.
  • Infalte smooth works ok for round convex meshes.
  • Vol smooth is often best but bit slow
  • Laplace smooth is usually ok.

Video with examples how this works soon.

(JoseConseco) #2

Info video:

(Nanomanpro) #3

Super useful, price is also very good :slight_smile:

(carlosan) #4

Just bought your smoothing addon today, it’s amazing ! Thx

(VisualTech48) #5

What happened mate, not available for purchase?


Site is still on, so maybe try later. Sometimes Gumroad acts weird.
Had happened to me couple of times.


I’ll probably use this addon forvever.


I realised long ago, your addon doesn’t work with X Mirror under Mesh Options

It seems the normal Smooth Vertex has X Y and Z options, would it be possible to have this on your addon?

This is a bit problematic when not using a mirror modifier on a mirrored mesh with UVs and textures already set up. The one workaround I used was to mirror the selection every time but that wastes a bit of time.

(JoseConseco) #9

Ok, I will add this to both blender versions.


Nice, thanks

I use your addon almost every time I open Blender lol