Volume Scatter is Blacked Out!

In Blender 2.71, my Volumetric Scatter Nodes DO NOT WORK! :spin: Yes I’m in CPU rendering, as my computer doesn’t allow GPU rendering :frowning: Which is something I’d like to fix as well. I didn’t enable/disable anything, to make Volume Scattering/Absorption work, so if I need to do anything extra, I haven’t. It gives me no warning messages, or anything like that… And Yes. I’m in Cycles… So, any help would be much appreciated! :yes:

-Joey :slight_smile:

You’re connecting the volume shader node to the “Volume” input of the material output, don’t you (= not to the “Surface” input)?

What do you mean?

You’re a Genius! Thanks!!! :smiley:

Well, I have my bright moments…:wink:
For the next one who stumbles across this:

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Hey. it’s still EXTREMLY Black… Anything else have to do?

Here’s a preview of what I have :slight_smile:

More light, less density (this is with density set to 0.1 and a default spotlight):

Okay, I’ll give it a shot :slight_smile: Thanks :smiley:

It works! Thanks!!! :smiley: