Volumetric Light 2.5 tutorial?

I’ve been only using blender 2.5 for a few months and was wondering how I can create a volumetric light. You know with the smoke in the light effect. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks …


Blender can not do volumetric light.

2 ways

use the old volumetric post light

or add some volumetric smole then add spot light with color

shoudl do the job

here are some vol light with halo in 2.5
so jsut add some smoke around


Thanks that helps a lot.

download video for shading from Fox guy

it has volumetric in it
and nice lo learn more about mat

here is an example with only volumetric no smoke at all

see pic

hte volumeric gives a volume texture inside wahtever volume for object you define
and if you select scattering then when you shine a light on it it will scatter light

may be show a pic of what you want to do and might fine tune the help here



Yep, none of those examples are volumetric light.

This is what volumetric light should look like. Not just rays, but an actual volume within a specific shape, in this case a cone. Which Blender can not do.


not so certan if possible or not

you could make a volumetric shape like a cone and use
a constant noise to get the rough texture inside the cone

but never tried it yet but i think it’s quit possible

did you try it that way ?

i 'll give a go tomorrow !


I have tried many times to reproduce 3DSMax’s volumetric capabilities in Blender. It can not be done (at least not by me).

So please, please, GURUs, post the example file.

i do remember seing some smoke being influence by light scattering in it

so if yo make a smoke wall with appropriate texture which is difficult to set up
then simply add a spot light with halo and it should do it
but how close is it going to be to the picture you’v shown is the question.

but with the new volumetric and smoke modifier in 2.5
to me it looks feasible in blender
i;m not saying it’s easy but we have the tools now to do it
it’s only a matter of finding the proper model for it!

and this was mentionned in the Fox video on shading at the end
by using some point density and a particule system youc anmake dust fog
and smoke in an object using volumetric
so it’s only a matter of time before we see good simulation with voluemtric

happy 2.5


it’s a nice look

but not qit like the pic shown by Atom
the smole texture is too uniform
need more like cigaretter smoke

ok sorry i did see the text to play animation

but even with that the smoke texture is not that textured need more holes in it

but interesting look

can you explain a little how you did the smoke effect here
i guess the rotation for the camera is only an IPO set to rotate around the scene here !

but very interesting effect

see pic


i didnt make it its from here: http://centralsource.com/blender/effects.htm under flares. you really have to render the animation to get the real effect. ive used it many times with nice results.
theres also this file from the regression suite (right side of page)


halostep.blend (68.4 KB)

Yeah, I got that halostep file as well. It comes with the regression test files. Volumetric light exists truly in a volume and does not rely on mesh intersection to generate an effect. For instance, using the halo step you can not remove that blue box and still have the effect in Blender it just turns into a solid cone. In 3DSMax you can because the light is part of the volume, not just an add on effect to fake it. Also, in 3DSMax, you can alter the volume with a texture which means you can animate the volume. You can not do that using the halo technique.

just remember that site for smoke

there is a smoke trail here that might give the illusion of smoke so if you add some spot light vol
then it might look better
but still it doest not move in space

not using volume tetxuring yet


in 2.5–
add a cube, scale it to surround everything you want to have volumetrics.
give it a new material, and change the material type to volume.
lower the density to about .1
add a spot lamp, with buffer shadows.
move stuff around as you like.
if necessary, adjust the scattering value on the cube’s material.
example.blend (87.8 KB)

ok i can see some fog or smoke - interesting effect

all around suzanne
but no texture

i tried with some simple texture cloud
but not much effect may be there is a trick here !

see pic but quality here is not that good!- try it on your pcfor better quality

but not looking line real volum + smoke see post #8
need more texture ot it and may be able to do some animation to better see the
variable textured smoke in the beam of light


@spacetug: Thanks for the example. Is there a way to apply a texture to volume so I can get an animated effect out of it? I tried adding a clouds texture to the cube, but no change. I also tried adding a point density texture to the cube and got no play out of that.

Like, if I could assign a texture to the transmission color?

I was able to resize the cube and parent it to the spotlight. The effects still seems intact.

PS: I was able to assign a point density texture to the volume. Then I put a particle system on top, falling down into the volume. I subtracted the particles from the density of the volume and this does produce an animated effect within the volume. In the attached file, you don’t see the effect until frame 50 or so.


25_volume_light_example.blend (166 KB)

I think i got a way to show it with particules of smoke

but uncertain if ill will be perfect like the pic
but still need to make it bigger cause right now it’s too small on the screen
i’ll be back with a new bigger model if i can soon

happy 2.5