Volumetric lighting not working, Help

I Added a cube because I tried to make God rays but is not seeming to show up, I’ve tried most of the solutions that are shown on other posts but they just don’t work.

@VFXGuru use principled volume

I just tried that but got the same result as before

@VFXGuru Meybe you dont have volume samples in the renderer properties - light paths - volume ?

honestly I don’t know?

To get “god rays” you need VERY strong lights (not sun type either!) add an area light and turn the strength up to 10000, that should do it

Is that cube the volume object? If yes, it’s way too dense. Based on your clip start/end values, I will guess your scene is huge, which means you will need a tiny value on your volume.

yeah, I just restarted and it looks way better, I’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks…

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