This picture, I have been struggling with for a while now, but now it may be completed. Saw a picture in a magazine that inspired me, and I made my own version.
In the moonlight picture, I have used both volumetriclight and light portal.
Let me know what you think, because it’s a great way to learn more.


And here´s the reference photo.

realy pleasent work :slight_smile:

Nice work, but i think the exterior need to be more overexposed for great realism.

Thanks for comment.
Now I have tried, as you suggested, to make the outside brighter in several different ways. I tried it with a transparent emitting plane outside the window but it did not look good at all, perhaps because the window glass has little noise texture, or that I have lightportals in the windows, who knows. In this picture, I’ve added Ambient light and turned on the exposure to the max. Raised even strength on all the lights, the sun and the enviroment, what else can I try? Do not say I’ll try someone else sort of rendering software, most of them are too expensive for me as a pensioner.


Thanks for comment, I’m glad that you like it.

From what i understood of it, is that the beta version from this threat :
Should have some optimizations for lighting like you did in above (external house vs inside light), it might be a nice test scene for that.
And perhaps you could better reduce grain by it.

Hello excuse me for the delay,have you tried with an hdri only without portals?If your goal is the realism i think you have to use no turnaround like portals,with a limited surface of windows like in your scene i think it’s natural have exterior overexposed with normal exposure in the interior,sure the time rendering increase using only exerior light.

I think I’ll try your suggestion, have worked with this picture in several days now. But has also had some struggle with my computer, get CUDA Error fairly often. This image is the first that I used lightportals on, so I do not know if I made the right settings, so maybe I’ll do as I usually do, no lightportals. Thanks for the comment and the delay does not matter, I’m just glad to get comments so I can learn more.

This have only enviroment light with HDR, strenght 10.000 and exposure 8.
Cycles render 1000 samples and no comp.

This is same as above but with some comp, used RGB curves and colorbalance only.


try to save in exr for have more margin .Another thing: is my opinion the picture it’s to saturated.

try to save in exr for have more margin
Don’t know what that is, something I have’nt learnt yet.