Volumetric Lightrays in Footage

Leave a comment please, it was hard work!

No replies?

sometimes people dont reply because there isn’t much to say, not saying its bad - its very impressive, as i’ve tried similar things and know how hard it can be. but sometimes people just dont know what to write, as there isnt much to critique, but they also are not sure what the point is, is it a test? part of a bigger animation? but well done from me :smiley:

It looks good. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies.
No, its not part of a bigger project, but it is a test for a huge upcoming project!

It’s very good and I can appreciate all the work that went into it. From 17-20 in the video I can see dust particles in the light. Just curious how you achieved them as I need to add some to a scene I am creating.


Well, PG, what I basically did is have 2 scenes, one with the flying dust and one with the lightrays.
I used the Lightray as “Value” on the mix node Footage + Dust.
Take a look at the node tree it should help a lot!

It does look very good, the dust in the sun rays add a nice touch.

not bad! at first i couldn’t see witch one was real, i had other stuff going on and i came back to this page, watched the video not looking at the title and i thought maybe the first one might be real and you made it look like an image of a tree and stuff was through the windows, and watched it again and figured it out LOL.
i just got voodoo my self but can’t do much with it because me camera don’t work! :mad:

voodoo working with blender 2.56 ?

Well done. Seamless integration… what can one ask more from the compositor?

Nope, VooDoo doesn’t work with 2.56, but I just open the script in 2.49, save, and open the saved file in 2.56!

good idea mate