Volumetric material disappearing in the render view

I am trying to create a galaxy/nebula material with principled volume shader (eevee render engine). And I am encountering problems with render view in the viewport. Everything works fine up to the point where I plug something into the surface input of the material output (e.g., to preview some other texture). Then if I switch back to the volume input, the material disappears, the object appears transparent in the render view, although all of the options are the same as before. The only way I can solve this is by undo command or with rebuilding the entire material again (starting by previewing the original texture). If anyone has encountered a similar problem I would very much appreciate any hint on what could be the problem.

I am appending a screenshot of my material. The problem mentioned above mostly appears if I am trying to render the material after I combine the “dust” and “density profile” parts of the material with math -multiply shader.

If you can reproduce it then it’s not your mistake, it can actually be a bug. Save the file and include it in a report here to help improve Blender: