Volumetric shape other than cube

Can someone confirm that it is not possible to render a volume only shader without a surface shader, of a mesh and have it take the shape of the mesh and not just a rectangle of approximately the same size? If I am doing something wrong. I tried a cone, and made an L shape from a cube and it doesn’t seem to be working. Tried all possible and probable settings I could think of, different sample rates, etc.

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Yeah, same here, I can’t.
Proper volume shapes might get implemented later on, but for now I’d suggest trying to node your way into the desired shape if possible. Spheres, spirals, cones and such are most certainly doable.

It seems working for me

I think they’re talking about Eevee.

Please remember that a number of features that seem to work out of the box when implemented in a raytracer often need more work and more tricks to get working in a realtime engine. A good example is refraction effects through more than one surface. The priority for Clement right now is resolving bugs, resolving causes of artifacts, and the general 2.8 draw code.

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My bad, I haven’t noticed the 2.8 tag

Thanks for the confirmation.

Could you give me some pointers to make a sphere volume from a cube using nodes in 2.8?


Use the spherical gradient texture, with its normal being the generated texture coordinate going through the mapping node. In the mapping node, change the location coordinates to -0.5 so that the sphere is centered.

You might want to shrink the sphere to less than half size, so use a color ramp, or you can also do it in the mapping node but you will have to adjust the location as well - just multiply 0.5 by the respective coordinate’s scale.

I just did this in eevee, perhaps there is a more elegant setup but this is what I manage to come up with

this way you can have more than one sphere as well like so:

Also with this method, scaling and moving the object that has the volumetrics only affects the “bounderies” where the volumetrics are rendered

You can also try messing around wit the inputs and using textures ( the scale of the object actually affects the textures btw)

Hope this helps and have fun


you are awsome…

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