volumetric skys

Ok I have a project for anyone you wants to help.
I currently use c4d for most of my scenery images but would love to work exclusively in blender.
The main issue I’m having is in the sky.
I was wondering if anyone has any success with creating a quick volumetric sky in blender.
I tried it with blender native volumetric shaders but was unable to get it to look any good.
I think lux render is my best shot because it has an exponential and cloud shader. I’ve seen someone else try it but they said it was slow, and I’m afraid that is going to be the main issue in any volumetric shader.

I hate to have to reply to my own thread but no body else is so…
I have tried every avenue in blender to make a sky and have failed. I guess ill stick to c4d.

Hi ricky.

Renders fast and looks great. “But” it is blender internal… needs compositing if you like to use it with cycles.

I guess I don’t give up easily. I’m trying it again. I really do think that using the blender internal renderer is probably the best option. in the blender render It seems that mixing volumetric shaders is not working well but it has many more options then cycles.
I got close in cycles but I cant figure out the mapping when I use a gradient shader for the density. I realized also that if you switch to 0 bounces for volumetrics it renders much faster.