Volunteer (Horror/fps game on STEAM - Fully made in Blender/BGE)

Hi! We are ‘R2 GameStudio’ formed by two independent game developers and we would like to announce the release of the Final Official Trailer of our game ‘Volunteer’, a horror/fps style game.

The game was made entirely in Blender, we worked more than 1 year on the project and now we managed to finish it, we’re just going to adjust a few more things before launch.
We have already launched the in-game store on STEAM and will soon the game be launched there. Hope you like it, thank you so much for the support!

Volunteer Final Gameplay Trailer:

Volunteer STEAM store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2082040/Volunteer/


Is there any reason why you’re still using BGE and not one of the newer UPBGE versions?
e.g. legacy or latest,

Probably because he was actually too busy making a playable game to have enough time to hang around on forums for years to be told how much things he’s missing by not using the next release of upbge

But at the end of the day, they is some serious content up there. Maybe don’t make it feel with your question that has no importance.


Impressive to finish a game. it’s very, very hard. In the trailer, I think the gun needs to be way farther down on the screen. It’s in the way.

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Yes, I wondered why the aiming cross isn’t centered.
Apart from that the visuals are really impressive!!!

The environments and lighting look very good, and good job getting your game finished!

There are a bunch of effects blurring the screen, and the camera is shaking a bit so I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like the enemies don’t respond much to getting shot. I’d like to note that games that have the most satisfying combat usually have enemies with very reactive animations when taking damage. Basically, the more responsive an enemy is to getting shot, the more players like shooting that enemy.

Incredible my friends, congratulations to you, I also only use BGE, incredible friends!