Volunteers wanted. Animation and graphics for videos. Big project. Big team needed

Bad news (for some). When I say “volunteers”, I mean it will not be paid. Unpaid. At least at the start.

For the rest (especially those with the sense of humor).
I’m going to start a big bilingual project (Russian and English). At first glance it’s about Evolution vs Creation, but it’s just a topic to start with. It’s about critical thinking, showing how both sides manipulate with facts, trying to persuade rather than explain or prove. I don’t want to say they ALL do, NO. I want to say some of them do it in BOTH SIDES. Using the same facts they do I’d like to help people to start thinking independently from what they’ve heard/taught to discover their own picture. First I describe things from one perspective (at the moment it’s creationist view, several videos), than I’ll do the same from the other side, and than I’ll collide them. I assume, that will be the point, when people start seriously thinking. And not about Evolution or Creation only.

You can know more about the project here. This is where you’ll find the list of specialists wanted as well.

The internet site indicated in the movie doesn’t exist yet (I just bought a domain), don’t try it. First two parts exist in Russian, right now translation is editing, and than they’ll be voiced over. After that internet site, uploading both Russian and English on YouTube, and it’ll start.

At the moment I’m working on some mathematical slot for next parts. Here’s a part of it and I’m working on continuation of that slot.

I have a lot to say and I don’t have that much time. Thus, I need volunteers. I’d also like to find someone who’d coordinate “Blender Team” for this project. Also, I’m not fast (to say the least) working on computer, and if someone would help me to model scenes in draft mode, that would be a great help. I just explain, what I’d like to have, someone creates scenes to see how it works and what can be changed (sometimes online, since many ideas come in the process).

I also don’t know what is the best way to contact with those who’d respond to this call. Personal e-mail? Something right here on the site? I haven’t ever worked in collaboration. Let’s start with chat here and private messages.

Looking forward to your responds and advises. Don’t forget to indicate what you like to do most (modeling, animating, shading and so on).


PS. If for some reason you can NOT become a part of the project at the moment, but you know someone, … Thus you can do good for him, the project, and the people.
I don’t know it it’s possible to sort of “share” it here. If yes, please do.
Thank you.

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I am interested…But I have a question.
What type of movie is this?
Like what will we be animating or rigging

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Joe hi!
Thank you for your response.
1-st, I’m from different time zone, and it might take some time for me to reply.
Back to your question. If you watched videos via the links provided in the text, that’s pretty much what the blender part in the movies is about, but there must be more of that. As for characters, it can be anything. I use any objects that would visualize the message. Just as you can see in the videos via links. In the future I’ll talk about genes, organs and so on, and there will be that kind of assets.
At the moment it’s a mix of a host and animation/graphics. The less host and the more animation - the better. So the goal is to produce more animation/graphic content of a proper quality. And it’ll be about serious things. It has to do with science but in a smooth way, using humor, sarcasm and so on so that it wouldn’t be boring.
Hope I understood your question right and you could find the answer. Otherwise you are welcome asking.

I am working on how to start a private thread where the members of the team could correspond to one another not in the public. I’m going to add you in the list. So here we can chat publicly, and when it’s necessary we can switch to the private one.

You forgot to write the most important things.

Why are you working on this project?
Why should anyone else work on this project besides the reason that you can’t do it alone?
Are you going to have any profits from it?
Are volounteers going to have any profits?
You are doing a youtube video. Are you going to be the owner of the channel and it’s all contents?

I hope I’m wrong, but without those answers, it looks like you have a buissness model and you are looking for free employees.

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Jerzy hi!

I relate to most of the questions you asked in the video, but maybe it makes sense to mention that in the text as well, you are right.

  1. Why do I do? The more people think critically - the more interesting life and deeper the world. That’s what I believe. It’s about influence. When you are getting old (that’s about me) you start thinking about influence. Some start before getting old, and it relates to volunteers profits.
  2. … besides I can not do it alone… That’s a good point. If anyone shares the same views, he can join and influence.
  3. Profits. First money. No any commercials, no any other ways of getting money - donations only. And it will never change. All the details in video. It’s not about money. It’s about the other profit, that is influence. For those, who it matters to. If I don’t get enough resources (both money and specialists), I’ll public the ideas in texts anyway. But it will not have such influence and audience, as it can. That’s the profit for volunteers. It can become a serious bilingual platform, it’s a long project. Or it might not become like that. It’s in volunteers hands.
  4. Profits for volunteers. Speaking about money. I have nothing against paying for job. Yet I’d prefer working with those, who love the project, who care about their own influence, not just for money. It’s a start, and I don’t have the money to pay everyone at the moment. As the time goes we’ll see, but anyway, attitude first, money second.
  5. YouTube channel. Yes, it’s going to be my channel. All the content will always be open and free to anyone. As for the rights, yes I’m going to be the owner, and at the end of invitation video I explain why.

Thank you for the questions. I agree it helps people to see what it is all about.