Voluptuous Babe, opnions please

Hi Blenderheads,

This is my first post, so forgive for any mistakes I may make. Anyways I would like your opnion as to how I can improve this busty babe. And also how can give her some clothes so she don’t catch a cold. :smiley: I mean real clothes not just spandex. And my last question is, once I give her clothes, will the clothes intefer once I rig her up and try to animate her?


P.S Yes the bossoms where Lora Croft inspired. :smiley:

The head looks familiar, do you happen to own the book: Digital animation volume 2 by George Maestri?
Model looks good. And yes, clothes will interfere. Blender doesn’t have any clothes simulation. And the upcoming soft bodies will not do much to help that either. You have to animate everything manualy. But, in the future I forsee that Blender will have a realy good clothes simulation…

nice model

you definatly need to change the eye texture though,
they need white around the pupil, much too dark right now

and not really what i would call voluptous, yes i’m a pig, but i think if it is going to be call voluptous the thighs and breasts need to be twice as big, whoo hoo kick me off elysiun i’m a pig, whoo hoo! this would also help out your cartoon effect

If you plan to clothe the figure, your modeling of anatomic shapes does not have to be as accurate. If your purpose is simply to :o then you’re going to have to get the breast shape right. The head is also very out-of-proportion to the rest of the body, although I doubt 8) you are looking too much at the head… Push-ups are a great invention but our lassie isn’t wearing one.

Anyway, obviously more research is needed. Ahem.

Yes you are correct Toontje thats very observant of you. I do happen to own George Maestri’s Digital Animation book, but it’s volume 1. And yes you’re right, I did begin to model the head a-la George Maestri’s instructions, with a simple cube smooth sub-divided twice.

So it looks like, by what you say, that clothing is going to be a challenge. Ok I’ll do it the hard way. I’ll let you know how I go. :slight_smile:

Wu I’ll take your advise on board and I’ill make the iris smaller. The fact is that I didn’t realize I had made the pupils too big because I was too busy following the talented Mr Lyubomir Kovachev’s pixar eye tutorial and getting the z co-ordinates right for the iris was really challenging. He makes it look so easy.

No worries Wu I hear what you’re saying, I will make a second babe just for you, this time with a bigger more voluptuous back side. :smiley:

And Sundialsvc4 I hear what you’re saying also…more research. Will do. Just at the moment I don’t have a life size reference model, so I’ll just have to work from memory.

I’d recomend that you save a copy of the nude model, and then make a clothed version- use the geometry of the model as a guide for the clothes placement, then delete the parts that are hidden by the clothes when you’re done. rig the clothes as you would have the body. deleting the geometry saves you from having to wory about interpenetration issues.
the above only holds if you want a fully clothed model. If all you’re going to make is a bikini, then you might want to have a slightly different aproach.

How did I miss this one? Good model - I’m so glad some people still like babes as opposed to ‘realistic’ models.

Head looks a bit big but it’s ok for that style. I would try scaling up the body to see the difference. I’m working on a model (another babe… I hope) and I found that head proportion is very important.

Anyway, try using some ambient light to get those dark areas lit. I normally just put in a lamp light with no shadows and place it behind the model. Try the 3 pt lighting setup in the manual. Constrain the lights to the camera.

What’s wrong with spandex? 8)