Volvo Coupe Concept

I really love Volvo S90 but its not enought agressive car for me. That is why I decided to create my own vision of Volvo Sport car. This model is based on actual Volvo design style


thats all i can say

i think that some of the image is abit grainy especially the bottom one
i am not sure what about it makes it look like that

Im glad that you like it. Here is small detail.


Pretty cool. Love the mood. How did you do the volumetrics? Cycles?

Thanks :wink:

Nope. Post pro. I have too little patience for Cycles Volumetric (and CPU). :wink:

last shoots I think :slight_smile:


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it looks like mix of Volvo and Audi. Anyway really nice modeling skils. Renders are also really nice:)

Thanks. Model isnt perfect. The back side should be more massive, meybe more agresive but… well this is my first time with concept so it wasnt esay for me. Need more practice.

Beautyfull render… As for the back, as it is a 3 doors, you could even short it and do a "little sport city car ". ( something in the idea of a BMW serie 1

looks hot tho, well modeled.

i like it

Pretty work! I’m in love with that project

It’s fine!

Cool. I like it…

Cool. I like it…

Looks good. But what about the back of the car?

Well I had no idea to create back side of the car. :slight_smile: Now I have some, but no free time. :confused: