Volvo V70

hi there, this is my Volvo V70

i know that the tires looks weird but i dont have any good tutorial for that, help? :frowning:
here is some wires too

i want it to be perfect so please say what you think about it :stuck_out_tongue:

The overal shape looks good, you surely used blueprints. But the car has every edges subdivided and therefore verysmooth. If you added some edgeloops, or used crease edge (shift+e) it will be more realistic. And cars usualy do not heve doors extruded, but they form smooth lines with body. In the render there is a hole in the shadows, so try to fix it with some plane, or model the radiator. Also try to separate bumpers, not only the bonnet.

This model has some potencial, so try to improve it.

Very good clean model, but I agree about the doors.

About the wires, this tutorial might help:

I know modeling cars is very difficult and blueprints aren’t always correct. I can see that it’s a V70, but it’s not very clear which generation. I guess the present one?

It doesn’t look bad but there are some mistakes you made which make this car look strange.
And the wheels aren’t the biggest problem!

  1. I guess you only used a blueprint for the side of the car because the front and defenitely the back are wrong. The grill is too small and the side (where the windows are positioned ), is too straight; it should be more leaning. The back of the car has another shape than a V70
  2. As already mentioned, your car is too smooth. You used subsurf, which is a good thing, but didn’t use (enough) edge-loops (CTRL + R). I hope you know what this are. Otherwise I (or some-one else) will explain.
  3. The door locks aren’t very good.
  4. A style-characteristic of the V70 is its “shoulder”. --> the horizontal face just under the windows.

I attached a picture of the V70. Pictures are very helpful during modeling!

I’ve got some experience with car modeling and I also made a lot of mistakes (and actually I’m still making them :wink: ). Remember: practise makes perfect. And posting in this forum is very helpful!

Good luck with it & keep it up,