Volvo XC90 Renderings


here are some Volvo XC90 renderings - done with Blender 2.42 & YafRay 0.0.9 (very fast-> 5000x3000 Pxl in 2h).

Thanks to Blender/YafRay Development & Community!

enjoy :slight_smile:

i like the 1st render the most.
in the 2nd and 3rd the wheels have no rims wich take a lot away from the picture.
in the 4th the car doesn’t cast his shadow on the background wich is to bad but it has rims :slight_smile:

allso adding a numberplate would add realism in the 2nd and 4th render.

Nice model by the way


I agree with snelleeddy.
The 2nd rendering loks a bit like vector art.
The front lights are funky somehow. Like they would blend in gapless. On 1st and last rendering, highlights/reflections on and close to the lights make it impossible to see what is what.

Awesome! You did a great job with this Volvo. I like the (real and this 3d-) XC90 a lot. :smiley:
The first and the fourth renders are nice and look pretty realistic. Great colours and reflections.

The other two are strange (not bad, but less good): I dislike the rims and the overall image isn’t realistic. It looks like you painted these two in photoshop.

I also think there are some things you can improve. (See attachment)
It are only some small (!) remarks. :wink:

Keep it up,

btw: hope my english isn’t too bad (so you understand my remarks :wink: )


Thanks for comments!

@galladro: Thanks for your detailed critque! The XC90 Model has a rear side, but its hard to see in this perspective (the XC90 boot lid sits very low). @all: Yes, i have to work on the materials again- and the 3D/photo compositing isnt perfect as well. I will improve that :slight_smile: but the Volvo was a good practice.