Voodoo Camera Tracker

Hi everybody,

I’m having troubles with voodoo camera tracker. This program doesn’t works on blender 2.5. I don’t know if the real problem is the version of blender or the version of voodoo software, because every time when o try to “run the script” generated on voodoo it don’t works. I’ve tried latest versions of blender (2.49) and the same thing happended. Anybody knows a good version of camera tracker that works well? or maybe another program that do the same thing. I know ICARUS, but didn’tfind any tutorial that teach me how use it.

any kind of help is welcome:) thanks

Voodoo always worked for me for blender 2.49.

A cheap alternative is PFHoe

But also just has an exporter for B2.49, you would have to write a small tool that translates the 2.49 python script to the 2.5 python API, as a matter of fact, you could do the same for voodoo. However voodoo is not for commercial usage, you´d need VooCat then.

Thanks dude!

does it works in the same way of voodoo? i mean, just put the images, track, and save as pyton script?

You can download the demo, both for the normal version and the pro version. It´s really ridiculously cheap with IIRC 70 USD. (especially if you take a look what the other PixelFarm stuff like PFTrack costs)
You can testdrive it and upgrade at any time.

But yeh, load video or image sequence, select if the camera is free or on a tripod, if you used zoom or not, then it accounts for lens distortion, you can also setup a coordinate system with a cube, set the coordinate origin for the scene export, then it tracks features, calculates back on camera movement and lastly exports a .py for 2.49. (no export in the demo)

Several people have asked about this. You will find them if you search the forum. There are some changes you can make to the import script that might resolve it for you.

From the digilab website:-

We tested the import with Blender Version 2.5.3 beta.

I’m guessing something has probably changed since 2.53 :smiley:

try tomato branch