Voodoo Camera Tracking program

Does anyone have alot of experience with the Voodoo Camera Tracking program (www.digilab.uni-hannover.de)?

It works well, and in Blender, it appears that the Blender Camera is moving in perfect sync with the video (video is loaded as background on camera)–the 3D objects appear to be part of the video. When I render the 3D objects and go to composite them with the video in Vegas Video–it’s not as synchronized as it was in Blender.

I’m using NTSC 720x480 with the default Blender settings and making sure the frame rate is 29.97, but still get out of sync enough to ruin the illusion.

Is there anything you’ve found to help with this? A setting or trick I’m missing? Thanks in advance.

This sounds pretty interesting. I’m going to download it and play around with it too. I’d be interested in knowing more too.

I have same problem . Tracks okay for about the first 150 to 200 frames then it loses it.

Yes–that’s it exactly. You’re using Vegas Video also?

Note: this topic is also being discussed in another post:


There’s been a suggestion posted there (though it hasn’t changed anything for me).

I finally got an answer from Sony customer support.

Apparently when creating a video file, there is a slight “frame rounding” that occurs (I haven’t gotten a reply yet if it depends on the video file format or codec). It apparently is so slight that Vegas did not recognize it and still listed the frame rate as 29.97.

Anyway, saving the animation in Blender as an IMAGE SEQUENCE instead of a movie file did the trick. I imported it as an image sequence into Vegas and it was seamless with the video.

It seems to me I read that somewhere–that creating image sequences was preferrable when compositing–now I see why.