Voodoo tracker 0.5 + Blender


I’ve been playng with this tracking software, and trying to import the data to blender. I tried Leon’s script, which more or less worked with previous versions. Looks as if the format has changed a little since now it is spitting some parsing error.

Anyway, I’ll try to fix it myself, but, has anyone succesfully imported a voodoo session with this script ? (well, the exported Max Script) Because all I got was (using voodoo 0.4) the features imported as mesh for the first frame, and some erratic and quick movements for the camera…

I’ve read similar posts and got no conclusions…

Thanks for any tip.


Yeah the file format did change. My bro and I took some time and changed the script for the new format but I still couldn’t get the blender frames to match the video frames. There must be something wrong with the math or something.

I really wish that someone could take some time on this script and make it actually work. It seems like it could be really useful.

Anyway. if you want the changes I will upload it

Anyway. if you want the changes I will upload it

Thank you, yes, that will save me some time ! :smiley:

I think this is a very important script, since Icarus is no longer available and anyway it was available for personal use only. Camera matching software is a must in any serious 3D/live compositing workflow.