Voronoi translate?

Wondering how to translate this to 2.83.1? …

… what does it do?

I would like to see what the texture this creates looks like.

Damn, we used to get 4th closest?

Used to make Distance more rounded. Was for a Giraffe skin.

Not without the 3rd and 4th distances, as those are not stored anymore during the cell loop.
The simplest solution is to use OSL. But with a good amount of nodes, you can make the voronoi texture from scratch and get the 4 distances.

It’s from the Worley papers, where the 4th distance is used…
If you split a voronoi cell into tetrahedrals for each neighbouring point, then the 4 distances can represent a ‘coordinate’ system related to each neighbour of that tetrahedron.

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Not that I’ve ever actually wanted an F4, but there have been times I wanted an F3…

I really have no idea what you’re saying sorry, I don’t usually use nodes much. The image is from someone else’s suggestion.

Actually, the image is mine. And I posted it in a thread that you started!
If I didn’t expand much the my answer in this thread, it’s because I already said most of it more than an year ago…

If you choose to use OSL, you could adapt this script from Michel Anders to output all 4 values stored in the da[] array.

With nodes is a bit more complicated, but most of it is just a repetition. You might look at this old post where I do a 2d Voronoi.
Making it 3d, is just a matter to duplicate a more modern version of that nodegroup 27 times (instead of 9 of the 2d version).

Thanks I will have a look.