Voxel game textures and models

Hi, I am looking for someone to create textures and 3D models for my voxel game “Cube Universe”.


  • 3+ years of experience in graphic design for games
  • Windows PC to run the game

What I need:

  • Block textures
  • 3D models (e.g. creatures, beds, bookshelves)
  • UI textures (icons, background textures, etc.)


  • Art style: Blizzard-like (WoW)
  • Block textures:
    • 0.5 m blocks with 64x64 pixel textures
    • Seamless
    • Mipmaps
    • Normal maps for some blocks
    • Luminescence for some blocks, e.g. mushrooms (brightness = 1.0 - alpha channel)
  • 3D models:
    • Made out of 1/32 m sized voxels
    • Support up to 128 pixels per meter for textures (so 4x4 pixels per voxel), this can be used for details like eyes and some noise instead of flat colors


  • In-game editor
    • Supports creating models
    • Supports painting directly onto voxels
    • Supports import of MagicaVoxel and Wavefront models
  • Blender (can be used for texture painting if preferred)
  • Textures in PNG or DDS format (DDS plugin is available for GIMP and PS)

Optional skills:
The following skills would be nice-to-have, but are not required:

  • 3D Animation
  • Marketing
  • Webdesign

Payment and scope:
This is a long-term project and you will get paid per hour. The budget is up to $1500 for now, future work will be funded through sales of the game. (It’s already in Early Access, all that’s needed for marketing and more sales is to make the game look better.)



hello are you looking for a single 3d artist? i can do most of the job as modeling,texturing,animation, in b3d 2.79 but i am not full full time artitst,and except i havent made graphic design for games like this type of minecraft alike but its easier to me to work with.i see that you want basic pbr textures as albedo,normal and luminicense (emissive) which i know to work with. here is the email for further contact [email protected]

Hi Beosar,
I have sent you an email, waiting for your reply.


I can help in this.

You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: [email protected] so that we can discuss this further.


Thanks for calling me and waking me up. I really appreciate this. Your email, PM and response to this thread definitely wasn’t enough.

so you are not interested in non one of us?

Sorry, there was just one guy who sent me an email & PM, replied to this thread, sent me a friend request on Discord, and looked up my phone number on my website and called me. That made me a little angry because it woke me up for no good reason. I set my phone to silent when I sleep but I didn’t expect someone to call my landline.

I usually reply to everyone who puts some effort into messaging me, that includes at least a portfolio and no obvious mistakes like asking if I need an animator when I am not looking for one.

I also won’t reply if there are serious grammar errors in a message because communication is important for a job like that and if there is a language barrier, that’s not going to work.

It may be rude, but if people put little effort into writing me, why should I put effort into writing an answer?

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oh sh*t yeah i forgot to give you my portfolio https://www.artstation.com/michaelbendavid anyway it may not look impressive to you, but i truly have experience on this, so me with you we can have surely a well done work in your game. also about the graphic design that i have done is in in games such like counter strike 1.6, doom 2, minecraft (but very small changes to textures and things not such like in your game,i said that i haven’t done stuff for minecraft but like it wasn’t big deal i didn’t tell you after all…).

Hey Beosar,
I’m interested in seeing what I could do to help with your project. I am experienced in all skills you are looking for.

My Work: My Portfolio

Look forward to hearing from you.
Email: [email protected]

@MichaelBenDavid I’m sorry, your portfolio doesn’t even have textures.

@craigforster Your portfolio looks great! Can you add me on Discord? That’s just easier for communication than email.


As I am an archviz artist I can help in modeling beds and bookshelves.

Take a look at my portfolio.

exactly they dont have any textures not because i didnt want to…simply wasnt posible due my old pc in that time a long ago.