Voxel remesh low size, freezes the computer: automatic limit?

a couple of times now,
When I accidently go to low in voxel size when using remesh modifier, blender becomes unresponsive and can´t handle it, but not only that…I can´t even shut blender down with ctrl alt delete to call upon task manager, I can´t move the mouse or do anything, after 15 minutes of nothing happening on the screen since everything on my computer was locked, I had to brute force shut the computer down with the boot buttons on the computer.

I don´t recall having this kind of complete freeze of my Whole computer this way with other software, to the point I have to reboot.

I have heard this has happended to others as well, so why not implement a limit level for going to low in voxel size/high in resolution…one limit that you could set yourself if needed.
This to warn and avoid freezing your computer system and destroy whatever you may work on in the background.