Voyagers in the Dark [RTS/AA] (Combat implemented)

Hey y’all. So, I’ve been shadowing Blenderartists for years now, messing with it a bit on my own time, but never really committing hard to any project. So, I figure now’s a good a time as any! Lemme introduce my project.

Voyagers in the Dark (awful working title, but it works)

The genre is essentially Real Time Strategy crossed with Action Adventure! How does that work? …That’s a good question. I have plans, but to sum up, I’ll just list the planned features:

  • basic RTS UI mechanics. Build buildings, create units, gather resources, etc.
  • Large overworld, as opposed to the typical small battlefield found in RTS games.
  • One large quest, composed of smaller objectives that must be completed before the final challenge, taking place seamlessly in said overworld.
  • Epic boss-fights. (Wish me luck programming that.)
  • Several competing civilizations that CAN get mcguffins before you do, and then must be dealt with for the sake of progress.

Yeah… I never really paid attention to the KISS principle. SO ANYWAY. I’ll be posting Dev-Logs like the following from time to time. For those with a short attention span to such things (like me) the vital demonstration begins at 5:30, give or take.

Finally, I mention it in the vid, but kudos to BluePrintRandom for the idea to use Object Color to demonstrate selection.

Lets see where this goes!

Not bad looks really interesting i like it bro !!!
Awesome Stuff bro How about you plan on expanding it to AAA Level.


Hahaha, maybe someday. I’m less experienced with the kind of graphic design that goes into AAA games (like your wip Speed Racer, holy fetch, I’ve been watching it for a long while now, and it looks beautiful), but I plan on making it look professional at least. For quite some time it’ll be extremely ugly until I get the mechanics I want implemented however.

I think you will do great things with this…I however only use the KISS principal…but that is primarily because I am weak in advanced python methodologies…
…still keep the updates coming…if you could draw up something I could provide you with some *simple assets…if you have seen my project you will understand I am not super advanced :)…I can do better than is in my project but it would also mean more verticies etc… :slight_smile:

Well thanks, I hope so! But yeah, I have been following Myrlea, actually. I think your abilities are beyond and a half what I would ever need graphically, because like you said at the end there, it really comes down to balancing detail against performance. I’m hoping to get the number of visible active agents into the THOUSANDS at the upper limit, let alone how many are active off-screen.

Either way, it’ll be a while before I get there, I want to ensure I can maintain 60 fps at the greatest logic load before I even touch the rasterizer much. Thanks for the offer, and I’ll let you know when if you still want to.

Not to make you over think thing graphically, but I find most of my FPS bottlenecks come from graphics and not from my logic…I did have some sloppy implementations that DID lower the frame rate, but not anywhere near the degree of the graphics…just putting it out there…

…in any case there are plenty of people here that are well versed in the BGE and you are more than welcome to ask questions…don’t be shy…I ask a lot of questions myself…and if you ever have questions of me, feel free to send me a PM.

With that being said, I need to get back to work on my project....I am doing a lot of re-animating  and asset work in until next time.

Yeah, that’s what I’m sayin. This project has potential to be extremely logic-heavy and graphics-heavy. So I will make sure I have the logic down airtight, then I’ll implement what graphics I can. Good luck bro.

WHOOPS! Turns out “City of Heroes” is some MMORPG with bad publicity. Let’s scoot away from that now…

Alright! It’s been a hectic week, but I’ve managed to make good progress i think. So, here’s devlog #2!

So what’s new?

  • Unit interactions! workers can mine resources, Soldiers can kill things.
  • Placeholder animations demonstrate interactions between units.
  • resources break down according to the percent left.
  • unit creation system, requiring a placeholder amount of resources.

Next up, I really need to go in and refactor my code, pythonize it and get it ready for the next big update, a GUI!

This devlog was much shorter, largely due to the project already being introduced, and I stuck to displaying the gameplay. If anyone is interested in how I did anything, I’m happy to share. Until next time!

Hey everybody!

It’s been a bit huh? Ludum Dare, finals, and having to start taking public transport back and forth to work has kept me busy. But I’m finally ready for the update! I hope you all enjoy.

New in this update:
-all interactable units are subclassed into 3 types: unit, resource, and building for easy access, tracking, and control.
-Soldiers can now engage in combat.
-Death effects for the unit classes. Pop! heheheh.:eyebrowlift:
-The foundation of a GUI.

Now I plan to get the GUI finished (as far as I have it planned so far) and start on some better art.
Till next time!