VRAM increase

Hi everyone,

I have questions about VRAM;
Is it possible to allocate more memory to my graphic card!? If yes, how much it would be effective in rendering process and its performance!?

Thanks :pray:

What do you mean by “allocate more memory”? Do you mean allocate more system RAM as a spill over for VRAM?

In terms of performance. You need enough VRAM to contain the entire scene you are trying to render. If the scene exceeds your total VRAM capacity you will experience slow downs or worst case it will not render on GPU.

Yes, allocate more system RAM as a spill over for VRAM

I imagine that even if you could get your GPU to use system memory, the latency issues would make CPU rendering faster in the end.

Then your render will slow. RAM to GRAM transfer is costly operation.

I do not think it is possible to change this by altering windows settings.
I believe the value changes based on the amount of system RAM you have, and from what i have seen it appears to be 50% of system RAM.
E.g. I have 64GB of RAM. My shared VRAM pool is 32GB, but my card is a 4GB card.

If you don’t mind me asking what has prompted you to ask about this? If you are having any problems there may be other ways of solving it.

on AMD VEGA, there was an option called HBCC Memory that permitted to allcoate system memory to it… Will admit though I do have VEGA i haven’t had the need to use it, so unsure if it actually works as I expect in Blender.

On next RX 5xxx and 6xxx that option is no longer available. :frowning:

unsure about nvidia.