VRay available for Blender?


I want to upload some renders to turbosquid, i want to know some things:

I heard that VRay is available for Blender. If i am right, i need to download the VRay exporter/importer plugin for Blender and a Standalone VRay?

I want to make the materials available for most programs ( Maya,Blender,3DSMax ), i only need to make the model in Blender, export it to Standalone VRay, assign and complete the materials?
So when i upload this as .blend file, other people can open it in Maya and Max too with the materials if they have VRay?

Thank you!

You can’t open a .blend file in Maya or Max, you would have to recreate the file for each program.

I don’t have Maya and Max, but i exported my mesh to Maya and Max: i know my blender materials will not be the same, because they are totally different programs, but at least the mesh/object/polygons will in same position/rotation/size?

if you are using Vray,then the materials are Vray too and not Blender Internal or Cycles’s ! export the scene to .FBX and Maya and 3ds Max users can import the scene…if they have Vray they can render the scene …! :slight_smile:

i use Vray Blender and Maya…and do this things quite frequently ! :wink: