Vray blender issue

Hello Folks,

THis is my first time post here in blenderartists. Im a new blender user with prioir experiance in maya and 3ds max. Im currently working on blender 2.68 on ubuntu 13.10. I installed vray demo version and did everything said here (https://github.com/bdancer/vb25/wiki/Installation)

But now my problem is that

  • When i select vray from the top menu in blender i get the option vray and not vray 2.0
  • Even after selecting vray 2.0 on the render settings i find nothing. Its just the main names like irradiance map, light cache etc but when i click on the menu it is empty
  • when i hit render it render with blender render and not vray.

Could someone help me to get over this issue? Im very new to all this thereby please excuse my stupity :slight_smile:

Kind regards


I think you will find more help in the Vray/Blender forum: http://vray.cgdo.ru/forum/viewforum.php?f=8&sid=1a52c03240e9a0a01ebfda1e9a02992a

The developer never let a question go unanswered.

Well, it is perfectly alright if it says “V-Ray” the main menu bar (instead of “V-Ray 2.0”): It seems this has been changed in the latest versions of the exporter (it says just “V-Ray” on my machine, too, and V-Ray works without a problem).

Concerning your other problems: Any hints from blender’s console output? Error messages?