Vray GI problem

Hellow :slight_smile:

I have a question… I recently started with testing vray for blender and I have some problems with it…

Here are two renders, one rendered with BI and the other one with Vray… Now my question is how I can reduce that awful red shine on everything you can see, caused by the red walls (because when I made them white, the red shine is gone) in the Vray-render… I have tried several things but nothing works :frowning:

Anyone knows how I can get my ‘beautiful’ white walls (and all the rest) back?

Ps: I’m sure it is something with the Global Illumination… (look at the GI pass…)

So, one simple question, what are the best settings in the GI to make this good… (the other things which aren’t right yet, I will find the solutions on myself ^^)


Oeps! Something went wrong with saving the totalRGB render with Vray, but you can see my Global Illumination problem…