VRay OS X Mountain Lion Black screen VRAY not found

hi all

anybody has a tip what I might do wrong?
I am running OS X ML
I followed sebastian viemo tutorial for creating system links for vray
I am using the custom build for Blender.

but when I hit render the screen remains black.
auto export is turned on.

what does the console say?

sadly nothing.
Thats the rather annoying part I dont get.

nothing?? wow, that’s strange. and you have VRay installed, with environment variables set?

I followed Sebastions video:

but even when I manually in Blender point to VRAY nothing happens. This is kinda odd.
So on windows after some trouble with the dongle it all works.
On is X as it looks the VRServer can find the dongle and show the license I have.

So I am somewhat thinking Blender simply does not find the VRAY.exe.

In Sebastion’s case VRay was still inside the Maya.app but with the new version it is outside. arg.

I don’t use VRay, but since Lion update the SO become very restrictive about access some folders/files.
Try to put vray in another folder.

In which way did it get more restrictive? I assumed that only the new application gateway if activated will be a block on certain tasks like starting non-app store applications.

I think VRAY actually works. I spotted it inside the process bar. The Frame Buffer UI simply does not load !?

I have a lot of problem with Vray 1.0 and OSX ML.

vrlservice.exe loose often the license, I have to replug the dongle.
Blender launch the Vray frame buffer, but it stay black.
In Vray Material preview Mode, Blender cry it don’t found ‘vray’.
Much less problem on OSX Lion.


I had to test a few versions before getting the “vray_adv_20004_maya2010_leopard_x86.zip” working in 10.8.2 following sebastians tutorial.
That’s a 32bit version 2.00.04 from Apr 28, 2011.
I don’t know if there’s any big difference between that and the latest 2.30.01 version from May 2012, or if we even can get the latest version working.

Right now i’m just happy that it works so i can start learn V-ray.

i’ve read somewhere the preview stuff and transfer to blender doesn’t work with 64bit vray (on osx). would explain as well that jakerfund got it running.