Vray reflection to principled shader

From time to time, users asking what they can do with vrays reflection map, or a reflection map in general.
I have tryed to rebuild this reflect behave from vray shader in the past.Now i have experimented with this again,and this simple setup should basicly work.

You can use this Fresnel setup if you use a Fresnel value instead a map.Or you can simply connect the Image texture color output into the color 1 input,where the Fresnel output is connected now,to feed this with a reflection map.

Would be nice if someone would test this with a simply vray material/object, if the result is the same,or if its need optimizing.

you can connect the albedo,roughness ect with a PBR texture setup like before to the principled shader.

here some reflection value examples from the vray docs

here a reflection map setup

a PBR setup with reflect control