VRML and Posing in Blender

Dear All,

I have imported in Blender a VRML file I created in the past, and what I would like to do is change its pose. Right now, it is in the standing position and I would like to have it in the seating position.

I was wondering if this is possible. I’ve tried to follow some online tutorials I’ve come across, but, no luck so far :frowning:

I would appreciate it if some one could help! Any information would be much appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,


Sounds like you need to rig the character (any number of tutorials on that). Or if it’s simple enough, you can also try using the lattice modifier.


I’ve tried doing both, but it seems that it is not something you could do with an imported file in Blender!
Probably I’m wrong, but, have you seen anything like this happening before?

I’ve imported a VRML file, but, I can’t manipulate it using either rigging or the lattice modifier!

Please let me know! I would really appreciate it any help!
I could provide you with the file too, if necessary!

Thanks again!

Final update, obviously it can be done, I’ve managed to do something, but, this time I’m having a different problem.

When I’m creating the pose, for some reason I’m losing bits of the body part for which I created the pose, and that is when I export the VRML file and display it in a browser (e.g. IE as with any VRML file).

Any idea why, please?

Thank you!!