VRML-Export-Script Problems

(0r10n) #1

Hi folks,

I’m having problems exporting animations into a VRML file.
I’m Using the Bitmanagement Exporter which was written by [email protected] (view thread here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=55391)
It’s the best way to export to VRML, that I know of, but it has some heavy drawbacks.

  1. export of Scale-Animations doesn’t work
  2. trying to export an animated object with parenting messes up the file, by rotating children in many unexpected ways, but not how it should be.
  3. There is generally no suitable way to export an object that has any kind of constraints.
    The only way I managed it, was by inserting manually VisualLoc and VisualRot-Keys for every frame, for every object. Not a very efficent way. It’s the same with the NLA-Editor: No animation using elemtens of NLA-Animation can be exported.

So what I would request is a way to set Keyframes for a model in the very exact position and rotation that it is seen on the screen, including all modifiers. Because normaly when you delete the constraints,etc after setting keyframes, the animation has been keyed only ‘local’, in reference to the constraints and by deleting those don’t work like before anymore.

If anybody has a solution for only one of the above problems, or knows how to recode the script, it would help me alot.