VRML Import problem

(SquidCoder) #1

Using Windows XP, Blender Publisher 2.25, (VRML file from Wings3D)

I am trying to import a simple VRML file into Blender and it won’t work. I have read the posts about setting the PYTHONPATH and have done that and rebooted. The first time I select the file, it gives me the unrecognized file type error and the below output in the console. The second time, it crashes.

Does BP 2.25 handle VRML files correctly?

Any help would be appreciated.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “…/modules\Converter_init_.py”, line 3, in ?
File “…/modules\Converter\importloader.py”, line 4, in ?
File “…/modules\Converter\importer_init_.py”, line 8, in ?
File “…/modules\Converter\importer\VRMLimporter.py”, line 23, in ?
File “…/modules\beta\Scenegraph.py”, line 7, in ?
ImportError: No module named utils
couldn’t import ‘importloader’

(hannibar) #2

why do you import vrml’s through a pythin script???
Blender can import vrml in the file menu.

(SquidCoder) #3

It is via Blender’s File Open. I’m not trying to use a scipt, just a simple File|Open command.

(digitalSlav) #4

only imports vrml 1… no?

(Rickta59) #5

Version 2.25 of blender will load in a VRML 2 file from the F1 open
without using a python script. The import script is a blender builtin.

However, it does work best with triangulated or quad meshes.
VRML2 files often fail to load into blender. One of the most typically
problems is having polygons with more than 4 vertices.

  • VRML doesn’t limit you to 4 like blender.


(SquidCoder) #6

I guess my confusion is that the VRML file loads in BC 2.23, but I get the errors listed in the original post when I try and load it in BP 2.25. Why would it load in one and not the other?

(secundar) #7

:frowning: It seems I have tried everything in both Blender 225 and 223 an VRML 2 import on Mac OS X fails…



I have posted my problem to the Knowledgbase. I’ll try to keep my whining here to a minimum but I am excited about using Wings3d and Blender together.