VRML2 import


I really need to import a VRML2 model in Blender. But Blender seems only to import VRML1 and export VRML2/DXF. So how could I get the geometry into Blender? Is there an importer somewhere? Perhaps a DXF importer? Or is there a third party tool (Linux/Windows) that could convert VRML2 into something else that Blender could import?

I own no other 3D apps as Blender. But perhaps another 3D app could convert it into OBJ or something else. Perhaps someone could convert it for me, if there’s no other way.



The best converter i’ve found to date is accutans from www.micromouse.ca whether it will do what you want i’m unsure but it’s excellent at converting DXF to vrml 1.0 which Blender likes. It does lightwave and .obj’s as well.

good luck

AccuTrans couldn’t import the complete mesh with textures, but the part that I need. So thanks for your help.